Chinese Herbs Asthma

Interested in Chinese herbs for asthma? Find out about the diagnoses and treatment of different kinds of asthma with Chinese herbal remedies.

Chinese medicine has proposed herbal treatment for a wide variety of diseases. Asthma is one of the problems that have been dealt with in Chinese medicine. The Chinese have proposed herbal remedies based on the kind of asthma that the patient has been diagnosed with.

Under Chinese medicine asthma is of four types and the use of herbs varies according to the condition. They are as follows:

Spleen deficiency asthma

This particular form of asthma is accompanied by excessive mucous. Although it has been tagged with the name spleen deficiency, your actual spleen has nothing to do with it. Instead the root cause of this problem is excess water that is being retained by the body due to a digestive or constitutional deficiency. The excess water that is retained by the body transforms in to mucous and then eventually starts to affect the lungs. The dampness has its negative affects on the nose and sinus cavities along with the large intestines but lungs are most vulnerable to be affected. The Chinese have proposed the use of the herb Er Chen Wan for the treatment of this kind of asthma. Er Chen Wan is considered to be a very simple yet extremely effective herbal remedy for asthma.

Liver Heat Scorching the Lungs

In some cases asthma is accompanied by a condition where the individual has little or no phlegm. Even if it does develop it is thick green in color. Such conditions are caused by persistent heat in the liver. The source of heat can be anything from stress to the outside pollution. For the remedy of this kind of asthma Chinese medicine advises the use of the herbal remedy Ching Fei Yi Huo. This Chinese herbal solution can be used alongside dry cough pills in order to get faster results.

Lung Weakness

In cases where asthma is present in an individual by birth or due to damage sustained by the lungs because of a cold or flu then the root cause of the problem is lung weakness. Fatigue, shallow breathing, shortness of breath and heart palpitations are some of the signs of lung weakness. In such cases the treatment is generally long term. The best Chinese herbal remedy for the treatment of asthma related to lung weakness is Pin Chuan Wan. This can be used with dry cough pills for best results.

Kidney Deficient Asthma

If your asthma is accompanied by pains in the lower back, weakness, debility, nervousness, skeletal or urinary problems then it is quite likely that the root cause is kidney deficiency. In such cases the body does not have a sufficient amount of reserve energy and the kidney alone is not strong enough to support the lungs. This results in poor functioning lungs which become worse when the individual is physically taxed. The Chinese have identified the use of two main herbal solutions to kidney deficient asthma. Ge Ji Da Bu Wan and Ping Chuan Wan are the two remedies proposed by Chinese medicine and they can be used together.

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