How to Read Italian Food Menu

So you love Italian food but don’t know how to read the menu? Get some tips on how to read an Italian food menu so that you can enjoy a great Italian meal of your choice.

If you are in Italy or anywhere else in the world you are bound to need food to survive. But if you are in Italy and don’t know how to speak Italian then ordering Italian food can put you in quite an awkward situation. This is why it is important to learn how to read an Italian food menu because otherwise you will be pointing at pictures to tell the waiter what you want to eat. Not only will this restrict you to eating what there is in the picture you will also run into trouble if you are in a small village or places where English is not widely spoken and they don’t have pictures on their menus either. The only alternative is to be prepared beforehand.

Food Menus in Italy

If you have been thinking that Italian food is all about pizza, pasta and spaghetti then you are bound to be enlightened upon visiting Italy because the Italian cuisine is far more extensive than most of us are aware of. So imagine being in Italy and not being able to try out the many different kinds of Italian delicacies just because you do not know how to read an Italian menu! Roaming on the streets of Italy you will find the whole of the Country to be loaded with restaurants and cafes in every block. But it’s of no use to you if you can’t order it.

If you want to be able to read an Italian food menu you will have to take the trouble to learn certain adjectives that are commonly used when ordering food. These will be in both masculine and feminine form. A good thing to do is to discover the particular style of cooking you prefer and the dishes that you would like to eat along with the different kinds of variations that are at bay. Not only will this make ordering easier for you it will help you to decide which place to go out to eat.

Common Menu Items

Another important thing to do is to know the names of the ingredients that are most popularly used in the different kinds of dishes. This is important because you may want to order a certain dish minus some ingredients or an extra topping of something. If you don’t know the names of the ingredients you will be bound to try out the dish as it is. Furthermore if you intend to stay in Italy for a couple of days then you will probably be having three or more meals a day. This means you should ready yourselves to be able to read all the breakfast, lunch and dinner items. On the face of it learning how to read an Italian food menu may seem a daunting task but in reality it is not such a big deal and if you are serious about enjoying the different varieties of Italian foods then it is well worth the trouble.

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