IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar Watch

The splendid IWC Portuguese perpetual calendar watch is an asset to your elite watch collection. Read our guide below for more facts and information on these unique watches…

IWC is a renowned Swiss watchmaker that has an exquisite collection of premium watches. Also known as the International Watch Company, IWC is an effective member of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry FH. It is the only renowned Swiss watch manufacturer in whole of East Switzerland.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5023

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5023 has often been compared to an opulent theatre on a miniscule stage. It features an exquisite hemisphere cut on the top, through which the shining moon smiles through a starry sky. It beautifully rises to the left of the hemisphere, displays a full moon in the centre and finally sets to the right of the hemisphere amidst all the sparkling stars.

The design by the watch engineers is so precise that in 577.5 years the deviation of the moon in the watch and the real moon’s actual course is just by 1 day. It’s a different story that apart from the engineers no one else has noticed the deviation.

The watch is a complete treat for the senses and is a timeless treasure for its owner. Featuring a perpetual calendar, automatic movement for 7 days along with the Pellaton winding, 4-digit year display and a power reserve display, IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar is a must-have for a connoisseur of watches.

Types of IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5023

It is available in two versions: one with a red colored golden case along with a silver-color dial. It has a red gold-plated moon with a dusky blue sky in the backdrop. The other version is in white gold along with rhodium plated appliqués. The dial is slate colored and has a stylish sun-pattern polish.

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5021

IWC Portuguese Perpetual Calendar, Reference 5021 is a true navigator’s watch that comprehends the vitality of the moon while sailing to unknown destinations. Featuring the perpetual calendar, 4-digit year display and date and month, it also tells you the exact number of days for the next full moon.

It has a unique display that shows the actual course of the moon on the dial and the deviation is just a minor 12 seconds in one full Lunar year. The original version came with a black dial and a brown alligator leather strap. However, the latest launch of the unique white gold version has been greatly appreciated too. The finish is of rhodium plated white gold with a blue dial and black alligator leather strap. The moon discs are also in dusky blue and silver to show its stages of waning and waxing.

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