Portuguese Water Dog Adoption

Are you looking to adopt a Portuguese water dog? Learn important details about Portuguese water dog adoption. Read our guide for more facts & information…

The questions one must be asking oneself prior to finally deciding whether to go ahead and adopt a dog or not go beyond what color or how much a dog is. Before adopting a pooch, one must ask – am I ready to take on the challenges this responsibility entails? Would the breed’s temperament match my or my family’s lifestyle? Can we afford to have additional responsibilities for 10 to 15 years or so? Am I a gregarious type of person or do I choose to keep to myself most of the time? How old are the members of my family and are they hyper-sensitive or allergic to pets? These seem to be a lot of questions to ask but yes, it is extremely necessary to determine the answers to such questions to see if you have the right answers before making that move. You then examine your options about the breed, color, gender, and the cost. If you decide it’s a Portuguese water dog you want, it’s a Portuguese water dog you should get.

Things to Consider When Adopting a Portie

Once you have made up your mind that you want a Portuguese water dog, the next and probably the most important step in the adoption process is selecting the shelter. Do some research online or consult local directories for a list of shelters. One of the things you would want to check out is the shelter’s return policy. Shelters that have a maximum 30-day return rule (or any time limit) may not be worth your time. Also ask about adoption procedures as shelters that would not allow you to visit your dog outside the kennel are not any good. Next, remember that good shelters conduct temperament testing. If a dog has a history of biting, this is not the dog you want to adopt. Adopting a Portuguese water dog costs could go from less than a hundred dollars to $500. Remember that generally, the younger the dog is, the more expensive adoption fees may cost.

Things to Remember Before Bringing Your Portie Home

You have now chosen the one and are ready to bring the pooch to his new home. By this time you should already have completed the following measures. Portie proofing your home is utterly necessary before you even drive off to the shelter. Make sure cleaning solutions, medicine, disinfectants, poison, other dangerous solvents, and yes – even chocolate which are potentially harmful to dogs –  are placed in secure locations. There are plants that are harmful to dogs so you would want to make sure your garden is free of these plants. If you don’t want your dog to mess with the trash, make sure you get waste bins that have lids. Also remember to keep shut toilet seat covers. You would also want to secure sharp objects that could injure the newest member of the family. Remember that Portuguese water dogs are an active and playful breed and you would need to portie proof your home as you would if you were expecting a child.

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