Driving In Turkey

If you are going to be driving when you visit Turkey you should be familiar with some of the laws and conditions of driving in Turkey

Turkey is a modern country with a developed public transport system so if you are visiting Turkey for a short holiday then driving isn’t really necessary. If however you want to get off the beaten track and experience rural Turkey then  driving will give you the freedom to do so. This is because many of the most beautiful villages in Turkey are not connected to the main public transport lines so driving is the only way to access them in Turkey.

Driving conditions in Turkey

The roads in Turkey are maintained by the government and for most visitors driving is possible; however there are a couple of things you should know about the roads and driving in Turkey. Some of the highways in Turkey only have two lanes which can be daunting to the visitor attempting to drive in Turkey. Many of the roads across Turkey have pot holes which you should be cautious of. Some of the bigger commercial highways including the one connecting Ankara to Istanbul are broader and offer better road conditions for driving. However, there are usually a lot of trucks and lorries driving on these highways which can slow things down. Driving in the crowded cities of Turkey can be frustrating although there are some quieter highways which provide a pleasant driving experience in Turkey.

Driving laws in Turkey

The law in Turkey states that driving should take place on the right of the road and that right of way always belongs to traffic coming from the right. In reality, however, you will see this law flouted often when driving in Turkey so you just have to observe and get a feel for what’s acceptable. The speed limit for driving in Turkey is 90 km/h on the highways and 50km/h in towns although once again these limits are often ignored and people driving in Turkey tend to go as fast as they can.

Driving permit in Turkey

If you intend to rent a car in Turkey to do some driving be sure to take your full driving licence from your home country. The car rental agency in Turkey will want to see it and so will the police if you are stopped. Provided you have your full driving licence there shouldn’t be any need to obtain an international driving permit although if you want one you can always apply at your countries automobile club.

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