Ardmore Ceramics South Africa

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The ceramic art of Ardmore is a tribute to the Zulu people. The art interprets the traditional rhythm, color, song and dance of these indigenous people in South Africa. It is a tribute to the spirit of the beautiful African imagination. It brings its influence to the different continents of the world through a type of ceramic creation known as Ardmore.

Ardmore Ceramic craft has become very popular across the globe and there are different pottery and ceramic craftsmen who work at various studios. They are exceptionally talented in the creation of this unique craft, and a myriad of designs are created from sheer imagination. The studios are based in two picturesque locations. These are the Caversham Hills in the KwaZulu – Natal Midlands and the naturally beautiful foothills of the majestic Drakensberg Mountain.

Locals having no knowledge of art and sculpture, but with a keen talent and eye for detail have learnt quickly at the wheel. Lacking any experience in creating ceramic art, they don’t merely replicate previous, styles but create their own individual identity and style in ceramics.

Patience and attention to detail are two exceptionally important skills that result in the creation of unique pieces. These possess an exceptional beauty and charm that exudes from the artwork. The artists have gained a very prominent position in the community and are known as the Isigiwili, which translates into “the abundance of their good fortune”. In the traditional methodology, the firing the clay pots, cow dung or wooden kilns is utilized. However, at the studios the artists can use modern methods such as electric kiln firing.

Furthermore, the materials used in creating the artwork include high-quality paints and glazes especially for ceramics. The technical skills required for working on new materials are also used by the traditional Zulu people. The best Western technology can be used to create a wonderful and lasting piece when it is mixed with traditional cultural skills. This results in the creation of one off and unique collections available through Ardmore’s ceramics in South Africa. In fact, Christies has gone on to describe the collection as a series of modern collectible items. Initially Ardmore had female ceramists and throwers. However, the male partners also started working in the serene beauty of the Champagne and Cathkin Mountains on the Drakensberg range located in KwaZulu-Natal. They have greatly influenced the environment at Ardmore Ceramics. To a conservative creative process, which was used for making very functional ceramic products, they have added a lot of spirit and created more energetic and courageous pieces of art. The women ceramists have taken on this new energy and it is reflected by more passion and innovation in their paintings.

The ceramic artist can sculpt clay and paint a myriad of hues onto the piece, because this is not a narrowly defined art form. There is a great atmosphere and the artists are amazing in terms of both their personalities and talents.


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