Swiss Army Sunglasses

Looking for Swiss army sunglasses? Perhaps you want replacement parts for your Swiss army sunglasses? Our guide to Swiss army sun glasses gives you the facts & information you want to know.

When you hear of the Swiss Army brand, the first thing that springs to your mind is the Swiss Army Knife, a unique multi-functional tool that’s famous the world over. Perhaps you might even have heard about their range of travel equipment. But sunglasses? Well, for a fact, there are Swiss Army Sunglasses. The characteristic aim of the Swiss Army brand is to give you and the world the benefit of Swiss craftsmanship and engineering precision and also equipment to meet just about any situation. And now the use of sunglasses is an emergent situation.

Swiss Army Sunglasses Craftsmanship

With the Global Warming phenomenon hitting the news and the hole in the ozone layer getting wider and wider, the amount of Ultraviolet(UV) rays entering the earth’s atmosphere is ever increasing and everyone is aware of the fact that UV rays are harmful. Strictly speaking, it is the Extreme UV(EVU or UVB) rays that are harmful and the other, the Near UV (NUV or UVA) is actually beneficial. One of the damages UVB causes is cataract of the eyes, keratoconjunctivitis and permanent scarring of the retina among others. Hence your eyes need protection from these harmful rays.

Swiss Army Sunglasses  do just that. And it provides 100% protection with style and pomp. Where ever you may be, crossing the desert, riding the ocean waves or traversing the snow fields – places where the sun’s rays can be reflected straight into your eyes and cause maximum damage, Swiss Army sunglasses will protect your eyes if you are wearing them.

The use of high strength polycarbonate lenses fitted to lightweight frames gives the redoubtable trustworthiness to the Swiss Army sunglasses. True to the Swiss tradition of craftsmanship, these Swiss Army sunglasses combine functionality with fashion.

Swiss Army Sunglasses Models

The popular Swiss Army sunglasses are the Abyss Model, the Swiss Army Alpine and the Original Swiss Army Tornado. The first two of these feature polycarbonate lenses, Griptex frame material, cat wrap eye shape for maximum protection, Swiss Army Brand Cross & Shield logo on the temples and black frame, gray lenses.

The Original Swiss Army Tornado differs in that it sports plastic temples with metal core wire for adjustability and comfort with the Swiss Army logo etched on the lens and they come in two colors: gun metal and antique gold. Moreover, the lens come with a polysiloxane scratch-resistant coating.

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