Holton Double French Horns

Are you interested in purchasing a Holton double French horn? Then read our guide for more facts and information…

Some common features of all Holton French horns include tapered valve rotors so that with wear and tear the valve seats itself. Also included are the bearing plates and bearing surfaces axles found on all the ends. All French horns are also made with overlapped seams that help produce a better tone and also make them more durable.

H378: The horn with style

One of the popular choices is the H378 which is a double French horn. The horn produces a high tone and allows clear projection. It also enables the pianissimo staccato notes to be played smoothly and clearly.

The horn is made of a hand-hammered yellow brass bell with lacquered finish. The slides of the H378 have nickel silver on both sides and measures 12-1/4″ diameter and has a .468″ bore. The horn has a large throat and is known for its noiseless string movement.

H379 French Horn

This horn is known for its style, elegance and high quality of an artistic instrument. Furthermore it is available at a convenient price for aspiring musicians and students. The highlight of the H379 is its dark sound and clear projection which makes it a cut above the similar H179.

The horn has hand fitted rotary valves which allow smooth playing. Further its hard nickel silver adds to the excellent sound. The horn has 12-1/4” fixed large throat bell and a .468” bore.  It comes with a mouthpiece and case as well.

H179 Double French Horn

This particular model is popular among professional musicians for having a medium ranged tone which makes it easy to play. The model is known as the flagship of the Holton line and is a piece for the ‘big horn’ players.

The horn has a large throat and tapered tubing which produces a rich sound that also complements its ringing overtone. Similar to other models, it has noiseless string movement and comes with nickel silver in and outside the instrument.  The horn has great depth and clear projection which makes it a horn fit for a professional.

When purchasing any French double horn, it is important to keep in mind the distinctive features of each of the models which meet your preferences and playing skills. This will help you enhance your playing experience and give you the best value for money.

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