Golf Trick Shot Artists From South Africa

Looking for golf trick shot artists from South Africa? Read ahead to learn more about South African golf trick shot artists…

There are many amazing golf trick shot artists in South Africa. Some of the world-renowned artists are based in that country and put on a great show. These shows are entertaining and give a clear idea of how simple yet interesting the swing of a golf club can be. Different methods can be combined to create a learning experience that is completely unique, interesting and entertaining.

Training techniques and methodologies may differ from artist to artist but the underlining precept is the same. That is to learn how easy it is to swing a golf club with grace and effectiveness.

An artist like South Africa-based Glen Farnsworth has been a professional golfer since 1980. His expertise in the perfect golf swing was derived from studying professional golfers like Jimmy Ballard, Jim McLean, Ken Venturi and John Jacobs. His experience was gained under various professional PGA golfers, while he was a golf instructor himself. These included international golf Masters like Bjornsson from Sweden, Dave Alvarez and Rick Werner.

As a professional instructor he is now responsible for creating entertaining exhibitions and informative tours for a worldwide audience in different cities around the globe.
His audience is enthralled by the amazing trick shots, as well as the impersonations that he creates. His presentations are sprinkled with a lot of humor making it a very enjoyable experience to train under him.

During his career in the last three decades he has entertained more than 15,000 golfers. After having participated in over 150 exhibitions worldwide around the world, he has developed an amazing ability to emulate the top-ranked golfers.

Even though everyone does not become a professional golfer and hit the perfect shot, he does create a show that is beautifully designed to crack the mystery behind the sometimes-tough game of golf.

When he performs the show and does the impersonation or hits the golf ball using both his hands, it opens up a new dimension and understanding of the sport.

Credentials of the Trick Shot Golf Artist in South Africa

Frank farnsworth’s teaching credentials include working at the Florida-based Doral Golf Resort & Spa Miami since 1992 where he was the Senior Master instructor for golf under Jim McLean. Following that he moved to the Maroon Creek Club in Aspen Colorado for a few months to work under Dave Alvarez as director of instruction.

Prior to that from 1987 to 1992 he was based in New York as the director of instruction under the same golfer at the esteemed Maidstone Club in East Hampton. During his tenure at the Royal Poinciana in Naples he was the Associate Golf Instructor under Rick Werener.

His trick shots are so popular that he appears regularly on the Golf Channel and has even been nominated as the teacher for the South Florida section. Golf Magazine has nominated him as a member of the top hundred professional instructors in the country. His influences include professional golfers like Jackie Burke, Jimmy Ballard, Jim Grant, David Leadbetter, Rick Werner and Gene Sarazen among others.

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