Creation Lamis Belgium

Interested in Creation Lamis Belgium? Find out about the different perfumes and colognes that this designer brand has to offer.

Creation Lamis is a designer label involved in the production of perfumes and colognes for men and women. In recent years the brand has become a house hold name with its revolutionary products catering to a world wide public craving for the best scents. The brand has risen to remarkable heights within the country of Belgium which has become one of the best markets for the brand.

Creation Lamis scents for women

Black Light

This is a chic perfume especially crafted for the ladies of today. The sultry smell makes it an excellent gift to your first lady. Although it has a rather heavy smell making it best suited for night time party wear, the manufacturer suggests it can be worn on a daily basis.


As the name suggests this is a perfume that captures the essence of the effeminate nature. The tangy and tantalizing smell of this perfume makes it an ideal every day scent which can be sported by women of all ages.

Nice Flower

If you are looking for a pleasant smelling light hearted scent then this special perfume from Creation Lamis will keep you fresh for the whole day. This is a sweet daily wear perfume for the ladies.

Pure Treat

This particular scent is true to its very name. It will keep you smelling great and feeling good through the course of the day. It has a soft smell which is comfortable to bear and doesn’t wear off easily.

Creation Lamis scents for Men

Women aren’t the only ones falling pray to the plethora of scents by Creation Lamis. The Belgian brand has many great perfumes for the macho men of the day as well.

Atomium Light Speed

A crisp smell with a futuristic name is ideal for the computer savvy professional of the day. This is something that can be reserved for formal office wear. Atomium Light Speed is guaranteed to give you the confidence you need.

Diable Bleu

This particular scent for men is as innovative in its smell as it is in its name. This smell has a unique flavor that will definitely attract attention. Men can sport this Creation Lamis designer perfume as and when they want.

Country Club Black

If you want to go old school with the way that you smell then the Country Club Black will take you back to the classics. With a strong smell this perfume has a distinctive masculine flavor. Although it is recommended for everyday wear only the real macho men will be able to carry this with comfort.

Time Capsule

This is perhaps one of the most innovative perfumes developed by Creation Lamis. Apart from its futuristic metallic smell this perfume bottle has a revolutionary design. It is shaped entirely like a capsule and the top part detaches to reveal the spray. Time Capsule by Creation Lamis is ideal for everyday wear.

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