South African Boerboel

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The South African Boerboel is a very strong and large working dog. Considered highly intelligent it has a well-balanced form and great muscular development as well as buoyancy in movement. When selecting such a dog it should be imposing and very impressive looking. The male should look especially masculine and the bitches should be exceptionally feminine.

The dog should have proportional parts with the head being a very important feature for any South African Boerboel. The total character of the dog is reflected in its head and face. The deep and broad head is short and square with very muscular, yet filled, cheeks. The part in between the eyes should be filled up and bulky. The top should be flat and broadened with very prominent muscular development.

The face should blend in very symmetrically within the head. The black muzzle has large widely spaced out nostrils. The straight nasal bone lies parallel to the top-line of the dog’s head. While it is very deep and broad, it tapers slightly to the front. It should be no longer than 10 cm.

The upper lip is fleshy and loose falling over the lower lip to cover it but does not hang lower than the jaw line. The mandibles are broad, deep, and very strong as they taper and narrow out slightly at the front. Very well developed and perfectly spaced out teeth complete a set of 42 gleaming white teeth as sharp as the scissors cut . The eyes are horizontally set and very broad with color that can be any shade of brown, but not exceptionally light.

The eyelids are well-pigmented while the ears are of medium size and very proportionate to the head. Their shape is a clear V-shape and the ears themselves are set wide and high against the head. An alert dog should have sharp pointed ears that form a straight line when it is alert.

The neck of the South African Broebeol has a very prominent curve of muscle and is very high set at the shoulder. Proportionate to the rest of the body, the skin lies loose below the throat and tightens as far below as the area between the front legs. The body starts narrowing gently towards the loin.

Ensure that the back and top lines are straight and that proper proportion is evident. The back muscles are prominent while the loin is short and the rump strong, muscular and broad. The tail is very short and attached high up on the body.

The legs are stiff and the front legs should form straight distinct lines. It should be noticeable that the front paws are marginally larger than the hind paws, all four of which are well-padded, big and round with dark colored and curved toe-nails. The loose and thick skin is well pigmented and when the dog is very alert it gets a few wrinkles on its forehead. The fur coat is dense, short and sleek. The different colors of the South African Broebeol’s coat include reddish-brown, cream white, brown, pale tawny, and different shades of brindle.

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