Gioielleria Mogliano Veneto Italy

Want to learn more about Gioielleria Mogliano Veneto, Italy? Read on for facts and info on this municipality of the Veneto region of Italy…

Gioielleria Megliano is a municipality in the Veneto region of Italy. Over the course of history Magliano has been the favored residential area for the wealthy Venetian merchants. The beautiful natural setting of Moglianno made it the ideal location for building their rich Sunday mansions.

Today tourists from all around the world frequent the region. You will be able to find world class hotels situated in the region catering to the seasonal influx of tourists. Gioelleria Mogliano Veneto is home to about 26,000 people and this number seems to swell during the vacation season every year.

Sites to See in Mogliano

Mogliano has its fair share of sights to see for the tourists. Foremost amongst them is the Irish Church of Santa Maria Assunta. The church was started upon the ruins of a historical early Christian chapel which was destroyed by the invading Hungarians. This spot later served as the location of a Benedictine monastery. The church has paintings of renowned artists Palma il Giovane and Sebastiano Santi.

The church of Sant’Elena, located in Zerman is another must see site in Mogliano. Here too you will be able to find historical paintings created by Palma il Vecchio. Visitors to the region also make it a point to experience the Church of San Teonisio in Campocroce. The church building is home to a number of amazing paintings and frescoes from renowned Italian artists.

The Villas is another site definitely worth visiting in the region. This is a small church and bell tower situated along the Terraglio Road. It was constructed back in the 17th century. There are a number of other 17thcentury structures in Mogliano that are counted amongst the must-see sights. The region also has its own Golf Club and Academy of Wrought Iron where exhibitions are held.

Amongst the important dates for the people of Mogliano is 1 May which is regarded as being the festival of “Festa Campestre and Festa dei Fiori”. The first and second Sundays of the month of October are also important for the people of Mogliano. These days are referred to as “Fiera Madonna del Rosario”.

Over the course of history Magliano has served as a key communications center because of its strategic location. The center is situated on the Terraglio Road which serves as the connecting point to the Lagoon, which is the province capital.

Unhealthy marshes have plagued the area throughout much of its history. The Romans were the first to make attempts to recover the land of Magniiano so as to be able to use it for different purposes. The barbarian invasions further degraded the marshes as they moved towards the lagoon islands. It was around 996 that the Benedictines settled down in Magliano and resumed agricultural activities.

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