Country China Cabinets

Country China Cabinets are perfect for creating that provincial feel in your interior. For advice on selecting the perfect cabinet to display your formal dining table sets read on…

Country style decorating can mean different things to different people since this particular style covers a lot of territory. Some consider shabby chic to be country decorating while others think of rustic furniture pieces. The style once called early American also falls under the aegis of country decorating. This leaves a wide variety of china cabinets that fall into the country style.

Rustic and Primitive Styles

Rustic furniture usually features distressed finishes and simple styling, while primitive is usually free of most embellishments like moldings and decorative trim. Both primitive and rustic china cabinets can be used in country decorating. Many of these pieces feature painted finishes and some also have decorative painting on flat surfaces. Subjects include fruit, flowers, cows, chickens and pigs.

Early American Country

Early American furniture is usually fairly heavy and features natural wood finishes in light , medium and dark tones. Maple finishes are especially popular because of their warm, medium tones which go well with most color schemes. The glass doors of these country china cabinets are often in small panes rather than large sheets of glass, and may feature wrought iron details. Leaded glass doors are also a popular design feature of early American china cabinets.

Hoosier Cabinets

The shabby chic style most often features painted finishes which are distressed. An especially common distressing technique for this style is layered coats of paints in different colors with the top layer sanded to varying depths to show the layers of paint beneath. Old fashioned Hoosier style cabinets fit well into shabby chic decorating schemes as do primitive pieces with minimal decorative details. A shabby chic china cabinet is a fairly easy do it yourself project for those who have an inherited or used china cabinet in less than perfect condition.

Country China Cabinet Displays

Since the nature of country decorating is casual, it is usually best to keep displays less formal. One popular method of creating a background for country cabinet displays is to the line the interior of the cabinet with fabric. The fabric can be attached to thin sheets of foam board and placed in the cabinet with velco or tape, or shirred on small curtain rods which are hung inside. Wallpaper can be used instead of fabric, and both wallpaper and fabric can be attached to the cabinet with wall paper paste, which is removable.

Casual country style decorating gives the home a warmth and comfort that is not achieved by more formal styles. A country china cabinet can provide a great focal point in kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms.

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