Boys Over Flowers Korean Drama

Want details about Boys Over Flowers the Korean drama? Read ahead about the adaptation of a Japanese drama for the Korean TV audience…

Boys Over Flowers was adapted from a Japanese TV serial for the Korean TV audience. It was aired starting in January 2009 and completed 25 episodes by March 2009. Japanese dramas are very popular in Korea and this was the third such television serial adapted for the Korean audience.

The Storyline of Boys Over Flowers The Korean Drama

The main storyline revolves around the life of Geum Jan Di who saves the life of an elite student in South Korea. She protected the boy from bullying inside at his school. To avoid the attention and condemnation from the public the prestigious school gives the young girl a swimming scholarship. She initially declines it, but is forced by her family to accept the scholarship to Shinwa for better prospects in the future. The students in the school are completely fixated with a famous group of boys who are rich and extremely powerful who make up the F4 group. Students who are disliked by these four characters are bullied. However, the main protagonist playing Jan Di dislikes the status quo and confronts the ringleader of the F4 gang called Gu Jun Pyo. She defends many of her friends and eventually becomes a target for this group of boys.

This challenging attitude and defiance actually shocks the ringleader and he starts to like her. Spending more and more time with her to win her affection really brings out a better side of him. He learns lessons such as real friends are purchased with the love of your heart rather than money. As both of them draw closer to each other, the mother of the rich boy disapproves of the friendship and tries to break them apart.

She goes to the extent of trying to arrange a marriage for her son, but to no avail. Eventually another twist or two is added to this melodramatic tale when one of the other gang members falls in love with Jan Di owing to her charming and unassuming nature.

Ultimately the most shocking blow comes when the young boy who had initially fallen in love with the girl actually loses his memory, which is a common occurrence in all of today’s soap operas. The antics and plot twists involved in their regaining and rediscovering each other make for interesting viewing. Finally love takes over and they discover their soul mates once more.

The role of Jan Di is skillfully executed by Koo Hye Sun who stands up to the four bullies and eventually wins them over to a moderate and positive path in life. Lee Min Ho as the hotheaded bully and dynamic billionaire plays Jun Pyo’s character effectively. The soft-spoken Yoon Ji Hoo is also a rich kid and friends with Jun Pyo. He then falls in love with Jan Di and tries to win her over with his good nature. However, it turns out that the protagonists are the true soul mates as they defy parental objections and memory loss to find each other time after time.

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