Choi’s Korean Kitchen

Craving authentic Korean food? Learn more about Choi’s Korean Kitchen and their promise to serve authentic Korean dishes…

Choi’s Korean Kitchen was established in November 2007. Their aim is focused on delivering original and delicious Korean cuisine to food lovers who can make it to Fredericksburg. Most of the dishes on the menu are authentic Korean recipes. However you can find some oriental appetizers and sushi, which complement the main Korean menu and add a little diversity to the range.

This original restaurant has many patrons across the city and focuses on commemorating Korean War veterans who served in the Army before 1960. They offer a 50% discount on all meals to families accompanied by Korean War veterans.

Appetizers Menu at the Choi’s Korean Kitchen

Starting with the appetizers you can order white rice and vegetables wrapped up in sea weed and commonly known as Kim Bob. For fried foods you can enjoy the hot wings, which can be spiced with mild or hot seasoning and the fried dumplings known as Man Doo. There are fried vegetable and shrimp tempura available on the menu along with Pa Jun, which is a calamari and green onion pancake. Dug Bogi is made up of rice cake, fish cake and assorted vegetables combined in a hot sauce. Prices for appetizer selections begin at seven dollars and can range up to a maximum of 16 dollars.

Dinner Menu at the Choi’s Korean Kitchen

The dinner menu can be ordered as a combined meal including a choice of appetizers platter and two entrées along with soup for a total of $50 maximum. One of the American favorites when it comes to Korean cuisine includes the strips of rib eye beef or chicken breast, which are marinated in a special sauce and combined with assorted vegetables. It is served on a sizzling hot platter and costs around $13.

Another good choice at Choi’s Korean Kitchen are the short ribs made of beef, which are seasoned with a unique soy sauce and served on a sizzling platter. Seafood lovers can enjoy squid or shrimp and scallop stir-fry. These are all prepared in hot sauce and combined with in a stir-fry with vegetables for a colorful and satisfying meal.
When it comes to soup on a Korean menu, it is a meal in itself! From the beef broth soup flavored with rice cake and Mandoo to the beef ribs soup and the cod fish stew, you hav a variety of wholesome soup choices at this restaurant.

Versatile Selection for Children and Businessmen

This restaurant is popular with children and families also. One big reason for this is that there is a separate menu for children, which make it easy for food lovers to enjoy a wholesome meal with people of all age groups. Businessmen are taken care of by special and speedy lunch menus. These are wholesome, light and nutritious but retain the flavor and diversity of the Korean cuisine. Served in a professional manner, this makes it a perfect choice for businessmen for a working lunch with their business colleagues or clients in comfortable restaurant.

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