Stud Book Australia

Interested in the Stud Book Australia? Learn more about Australian Stud Book, which aims to record the bloodlines of Australian studs…

The stud book Australia was established as a tribute to a fledgling nation in 1910. To revive the nation and work towards its prosperity there were many individuals who put in a lot of effort to establish institutions that would provide structure and opportunities for growth. From the Australian Navy to the Sun newspaper for a population of only 4.4 million Australians, the country was taking the challenges of growth and progress with enthusiasm and determination.

1910 was actually the first year that the stud Comedy King won the Melbourne cup. His first race and subsequent events are still big business and very popular in Australia. The horseracing industry started focusing on tracing and recording the bloodlines of these thoroughbreds who would compete in this most popular Australian sporting event.

Over three decades of stringent record keeping by the Australian Jockey Club,WC Yuille and associates and the Victoria Racing Club, as well as financial support for two decades provided by them has resulted in the complete purchase of the rights to the Australian Stud Book. This has made them the custodians and joint owners of the horse racing and breeding industry in Australia. By 1950 both the clubs collaborated to see the cost of producing each volume reach around 1.5 million. Since operational costs were at an all-time high the owners of mares had to pay an annual fee. Yet, present day charges for the identification of foals and returning broodmares are the lowest in the world when it comes down to comparing the Australian stud book fees with other stud books and their charges on a global level.

Basically this identification strategy allows the pedigree of every newborn foal in the country to be traced. Since there are many breeders and breeding is big business in Australia the importance of maintaining the lineage and records of the pedigree has become yet more important. Mainly because it provides a reliable and consistent record for breeding and allows Australia to participate full-fledgedly in the international trade of high-quality thoroughbreds that are participants in racing events as well as those as considered stock. This actually brings in contributions of more than $125 million (ASD) to the Australian economy. These associations are responsible for producing world leaders and high-quality thoroughbreds. In fact, many operational changes have been made since 2000 in both the AJC and VRC, which are responsible for the success of the Australia stud book.

The organization is known for its contributions of around $5 million (ASD) to facilitate the services they aim to provide. This has resulted in extensive investment in technologically sound equipment for the lab, which includes both hardware and software. The upgrading of technological inputs has actually resulted in a saving of $750,000 every year. Monies were initially spent on operational costs due to ineffective methodology and non-technical procedures.

In fact, the Australian stud book has gone on to grant the Thoroughbred Breeders of Australia with $1.5 million to promote the breeding of their thoroughbreds. Statistics show that both organizations have done the blood test for more than 30,000 mares, including DNA testing, and have not asked the breeders to pay any costs whatsoever.

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