Flying Monsters Korean Drama

Interested in the Flying Monsters Korean drama? Read on for interesting information on the different flying monsters in Korean dramas and movies…

The most famous flying monsters Korean drama is called the Space Monster Wangmagwi, crafted in the 60s. It focuses on the alien invasion of Earth. The aliens utilize a huge monster to destroy the city of Seoul. With the heavy artillery and air force being no match in a heavily populated area a vigilante was required. The flying monster gatecrashes on the day of an Air Force pilot’s wedding. Unfortunately his fiancée does not heed his warnings to leave the wedding hall in time and is captured by the flying monster while he destroys the city. There are many popular flying monsters in Korean dramas but limited information is available. Neighboring South Asian countries are known for their famous monster movies like Godzilla. However, simply because the information is not available on flying monsters in Korean dramas and movies does not mean that they are a marginalized category.

Another popular flying monster depicted in Korean dramas and movies was captured in an epic movie directed in North Korea. It was a remake of the monster movie Pulgasari, and was made by the film director Shin Sang-ok who had later been kidnapped. The most famous Korean flying monsters are part of the movies Space Monster Wangmagwi, Yonggary: Monster From the Deep along with the 1980s Flying Monsters. That movie had more than eight flying monsters that set out to destroy the world.

The other popular Korean flying monsters include Aion, which is the name of a computer game as well as an animated Korean drama video online. It features a flying dinosaur-like creature setting out to destroy Korea and has to be shot down by the gamer using different equipment provided in the game. With epic fights and chases this Korean flying monster has become very popular with local and international gamers. More flying monsters that provide Korean drama are captured in the ghost online videogame distributed and produced in Korea.

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