Swedish Glass Vases

Vintage Swedish glass vases are available in an astonishing array of styles and varieties. It is indeed a tribute to the medium of glass and the creativity of the artists of Sweden that such a variety exists…

The glass used for Swedish glass vases is as varied as the style of vases themselves. Varieties include but are not limited to the following: smoky tinted glass with etched marks, thin-walled pale-green glass, olive glass with raised circles, amber colored glass with geometric raised decorations, thick clear glass in a ribbed shape, rough opaque red glass with a rough texture and so on and so on.

With so much variety confronting the collector it is worth remembering that the truly valuable pieces will likely be unique hand-made items that have either been manufactured by the right company or created by the right artist.  The rarer the better applies in many instances as well. These basic principles apply to almost any collectible item whether it be a book or a fine wine.

Online resources might provide a limited amount of guidance when collecting or evaluating an existing collection, but opinions can vary widely as with any pursuit that uses somewhat subjective criteria. One might well be advised to start by simply appreciating the wealth of beautiful Swedish glass vases available for viewing or purchasing and letting that appreciation eventually lead one to a finer judgment and keener assessment of the Swedish glass vase. One should at all times avoid becoming an Oscar Wilde type of cynic who “knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.” The price of many a vase may vary quite a bit more than its ultimate value.

One can take comfort in the fact that the Swedes have, at the very least, been crafting interesting glass pieces of all kinds for around 250 years. It can be worth one’s while to seek out Swedish glass vases that have been hand-blown, spun, or molded for starters. Like real estate the location location rule applies to fine glass vases as well. One can be reasonably assured of value and quality if a piece that has its origins in Småland Province (the glass kingdom) and has been made by an established company like Kosta Boda. Most people with even a passing interest in Swedish glass vases are aware of those basic rules, however.

It is the truly rare and the extremely valuable that may only be discoverable by the well trained eye that seeks out novelty, rarity and excellence in just the right measure. Such an eye may partake of only certain measure of natural talent. True discernment is usually gained through vast experience alone.

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