Hello Miss Korean Drama

Interested in the Hello Miss Korean drama? Learn more about the story of a young girl who inherits her historical home…

The interesting Korean drama Hello Miss debuted on KBS with the title Hello, My Lady and on other channels with the title Hello Baby. The drama follows the story of a young girl who falls into an inheritance and the family chaos and greed that comes about as a result of that initial incident.

The 16 episodes follow the story of different characters with backgrounds ranging from aristocracy to business. It beautifully reveals how morals and values are not exclusively related to the rich or the poor and how fate can bring unexpected glory to the morally grounded.

Synopsis of the Korean Drama Hello Miss

The lead role of Lee Su-ha is played by Korean actress Lee Da-hae as she plays the inheritor of a historical mansion. The huge ancestral home named Hwa Ahn Dang belonged to the Je-an Lee family. Lee Su-ha’s father had abandoned her mother and moved to Seoul with another woman a few years ago.

Her mother is shown to have recently died of cancer. The story unfolds to show her new life as she becomes the head of the crumbling family of the Je-an Lee’s while trying to retain ownership of her ancestral home, the Hwa Ahn Dang.

As the story unfolds she encounters Hwang Dong-kyu who is played by Korean actor Lee Ji-hoon. He consistently pursues her and insists that he acquire ownership from her of the Hwa Ahn Dang at any cost.

He actually turns out to be the grandson of one of the servants who used to work at the Hwa Ahn Dang. The servant had actually stolen a cow and rice bale from the ancestral home while working here. There is a constant animosity and arguments between both the characters but eventually Su-ha and Dong-kyu develop feelings for each other that slowly turn into love.

Twists in the Hello Lady Korean Drama

There is a constant tussle between the characters. Attempts are made to procure the ancestral home by tricking the young girl and/or courting her. Lee Su-ha plays the dynamic young girl who decides not to let her personal grief interfere with exploring life.

Hwang Dong-kyu’s character is revealed to have had a rough background while his stingy grandfather brought him up. He’s actually a rather soft-hearted person and very simple. While trying to inherit his grandfather’s business he ends up falling in love with the girl. He is simultaneously obsessed with purchasing the ancestral home because his grandfather has promised ownership of the company to the person who brings back ownership rights to Hwa Ahn Dang for him.

Another character Hwang Chang-min is introduced as the cousin of Dong-kyu who initially does not want to inherit the family business. He focuses on modeling and is only concerned with building up a legion of adoring fans. However when he meets Su-ha he finds true love and tries to woo her by suddenly taking a serious interest in business. He then becomes a romantic rival to his cousin Dong.

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