American Eagle Flag

Interested in buying an American Eagle flag? Discover the history of one of the most prominent symbols of the United States…

The American eagle is one of the most prominent patriotic symbols of the United States. It is the bald American eagle that is featured on the flag. The official flag for the United States does not bear the image of the American Eagle but the official seal is centered around the bald American Eagle.

American Eagle Flag Development

The Great Seal of America was developed by Charles Thomson in 1782. The center piece of the seal was the American eagle on the wing and rising. During the initial years only a written description of the seal was provided to the congress. Only a preliminary sketch of the American eagle flag was made at that time and no imagery hat yet been finalized by the Congress.

The Great Seal had the American Eagle behind a shield. In the right talon of the eagle, Thomson made it hold an olive branch. This element was actually suggested by the second committee. The olive branch had been used as a symbol of peace and liberty by the committee and they wanted to incorporate that into its design. The eagle had its head turned towards the olive branches and the designer gave it the name of the power of peace.

In the left talon the eagle was made to hold a bunch of arrows, thirteen to be exact. These were suggestive of the combat readiness of the country. On close observance one could see the E Pluribus Unum held in a scroll in the beak of the eagle. The final Great Seal also featured vertical stripes that are also seen on the official flag of United States. For the finalized image the eagle’s wings were placed in the traditional manner with the tips pointing upwards. New York and Pennsylvania were the first two states to adopt the Great seal with the American Eagle as their official crests.

Popularity of American Eagle Flag

With the passage of time the American Eagle became a prominent symbol across America. This native bird came to represent the nations might, power and most of all freedom and liberty. The eagle became a popular theme for artists who wished to create some patriotic artwork. As a result you had lots of commercial art being sold in the market featuring the American Eagle.

The American Eagle flag, although having nothing to do with the official flag of the country, has become a popular way to display patriotism for the country. Over the years the prominence of the American Eagle became so widespread that everywhere you had the words USA or the American flag you had the symbol of the American Eagle to give it character.

Today interested individuals will be able to find various different kinds of American Eagle flags in the market. The variety of art work featuring the American Eagle is virtually unlimited. You can search for the various options online and place an order to have your American Eagle flag delivered straight to your home.

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