Shopping in Madrid

Are you looking forward to shopping on your holiday to Madrid? Want to know where the best places for shopping are in Madrid? Our guide to shopping in Madrid provides you with the information you need to know.
Shopping in Madrid

Madrid is the capital city of Spain and the beating heart of Spanish culture. Visitors to Madrid are spolit for choice for things to do, including  museums and sightseeing. Many people, however, visit Madrid specifically for its shopping opportunities, whether its fashion or food.

Shopping Hours in Madrid

Shop opening times in Madrid are quite standard in all shops in Madrid and Spain, although some variations do occur. Generally, shops in Madrid open at 10am and stay open until 2pm. Between 2-5pm there is nowhere to shop in Madrid as the shops all close for lunch and an afternoon siesta.

Shops in Madrid open in the evening at 5 pm and remain open until 8pm. Spain is a predominantly Catholic country and although religion in Spain is not as important as it used to be ,Sundays are still respected as a holiday.

Many shops in Madrid do not open at all on Sundays although there is a chance to do some shopping at a few shops that stay open until about 2 or 3pm on Sundays.

Sales in Madrid

The best time to go shopping in Madrid in Spain is during the annual sales. There are two annual shopping sales in Madrid and Spain. The winter shopping sale in Madrid and Spain begins on January the 7th and continues until February.

The summer shopping sale in Madrid and Spain begins in early July and lasts for about a month. If you are shopping for something in particular in Madrid, it’s best to do your shopping towards the beginning of the sale season, as the heavily discounted prices mean stocks often run out due to the large numbers of tourists and locals from Madrid who do their shopping during the sales.

Shopping at El Rastro in Spain

El Rastro is the biggest flea market in Madrid, Spain and probably Europe, and a great place to do some shopping. The locals of Madrid have been doing there shopping here for 500 years, while sellers from all over Spain converge here to sell their goods.

Even if you’re not interested in shopping here, it’s well worth coming just to sample and experience the atmosphere of Madrid at this flea market. Shopping can only be done at this market in Madrid on Sundays between 8am until mid afternoon when shoppers disperse and sellers go home.

This is a particularly good place to come to in Madrid if you are shopping for collectors items such as antique books, stamps or coins.

Spanish Handicraft Shopping in Madrid

Probably the best place to go shopping for traditional Spanish handicrafts and souvenirs of Spain is the Los Austria quarter of Madrid. A visit to this sector of Madrid will give you the chance to soak up the atmosphere of historic Madrid as the buildings in this district are amongst the oldest in Madrid.

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