Museums Valencia Spain

Are you going to Valencia in Spain on holiday? Do you want to know where the best museums in Valencia are? Our guide to museums in Valencia gives you the facts & information you’ll want to know.
Museums in Valencia

Valencia in spain has a population of roughly 750,000 people making it the third largest city in Spain. Valencia has a multitude of interesting thing to do for visitors, among which are the many museums in Valencia.

Valencia Fine Arts Museum in Spain

This museum in Valencia is a great place to visit, not least because museum admission is free.This is a good museum to visit to gain an overview of the history of art in Spain. This museum in Valencia has an interesting exhibition of works done by native artists of Spain from the Valencia impressionist school of art.

The Valencia Fine Arts Museum also has paintings on display by some of Spain’s greatest artists including Goya, El Greco and Velazquez.

Valencia Modern Art Institute in Spain

Valencia Modern Art Institute has an impressive collection of art from Spain and Europe spanning most of the 20th century. In addition to the considerable permanent exhibits at this museum in Valencia, there are always temporary exhibits of modern art from Valencia, Spain and sometimes abroad. Admission to the Valencia Modern Art Institute costs 2 Euros.

Planetarium in Valencia Spain

Although not technically a museum, the Planetarium in Valencia puts on an informative 3D show of the galaxy for its visitors.

This   planetarium in Valencia is actually an IMAX cinema and well worth a visit just for the effects even if you aren’t very interested in astronomy. The choice of listening to commentary in English during the show is available.

Valencia Museum of History in Spain

The Valencia Museum of History has a large and eclectic range of displays pertaining to the history of Spain and Valencia in particular. This Museum in Valencia covers approximately 2000 years of history in Valencia from the Romans, to the Muslims as well as more recent history in Valencia.

This museum in Valencia provides fairly good explanations in English as well as Spanish next to the exhibits. A guidebook is also available from the foyer of this museum in Valencia. Tickets to watch this show cost 7 Euros.

Valencia Oceanographic in Spain

The Oceanographic in Valencia is a world famous aquarium. For the price of about 20 Euros you gain unlimited access to this vast attraction in Valencia and get to see the amazing marine life it has on display.

The Oceanographic in Valencia even has under water tunnels that allow you to see the sharks swimming above you. One of the main attractions of the Oceanographic in Valencia is the dolphins on display.

The Oceanographic in Valencia generally stays open until 8pm during the year although opening times are extended in the summer months to accommodate the large numbers of tourists that come to Valencia from Spain and abroad.

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