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Want details on Instant Immersion Spanish? Read on to find out about this fantastic software with Spanish lessons called Instant Immersion Spanish…

Instant immersion Spanish is the hot favorite software with non-native Spanish speakers. This Spanish software is a language tool containing many lessons and activities. It gives you a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of the Spanish language by covering a broad range of topics.

With its ease of navigation and both visual and audio demonstrations it’s a tool that is very easy to use. It presents information in a myriad of ways making it easy for a person to recall a new word in different contexts.

The easiest way to learn a language involves repeating phrases or words over and over again in different contexts so that you can recall them later on.

The speech recognition system is also very impressive and you can pronounce each phrase or word and compare it to the teacher featured in the software.

The product’s only major drawback is that it does not have online chat and testing options like those offered by its competitors. However, the value of Instant Immersion Software is obvious because it has much else to offer. With the many interactive DVDs, audio CDs lessons and a mystery game which can be solved only in the Spanish language, this software is comprehensive and innovative.

Top-Quality Features of Instant Immersion Spanish

As far as its features are concerned Instant Immersion Spanish has incorporated different activities. You do not need to follow a set pattern and the entire software is customizable as well as interactive. This makes it more fun to use and highly interesting at the same time.

Every lesson has different levels so you can choose the options you want based on your individual learning style and skill. Depending on which level you function on you can take options like common phrases or standalone words. Additionally you can choose the right response to different questions.

The process of tracking your progress is also built into the software and it highlights areas in which you have performed well in and demarcates sections where you require improvement.

There are also three bonus CDs which allow you to enhance your Spanish education. If the software were coupled with online testing as well as online chat with native Spanish speakers it would be the top-ranked software in the market.

Fundamentals of the Instant Immersion Spanish Software

The software covers the basics and fundamentals of learning Spanish with different activities and workshops. Some of the activities allow you to use speech recognition to improve your pronunciation while others focus on building your vocabulary and teaching you the rules of grammar. You can even practice conversations with Spanish speakers found on the CDs.

The software is available in a pack of nine CDs. These are divided into three levels and complemented by three bonus discs. The first level is a very simple one for beginners where one associates words with pictures and matches a Spanish word to recognizable pictures.

The word match task enables a learner to match the right Spanish word to the correct English word. You even have the opportunity to use vocabulary to complete blanks in a sentence with the right word.

On the second level you get to build on that one phrase and converse with a Spanish-speaking individual. The speech recognition software comes in very handy at this stage.

The third level is similar to the second one but has advanced dialogues and phrases. However, the only disadvantage here is that there are no features to explain sentence structure in Spanish.

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