Romantic Spanish Phrases

Interested in learning romantic Spanish phrases? Read on for some of the most romantic Spanish phrases of all time…

Two simple words which topped the most romantic Spanish phrase that is used most often are ‘Te Amo’ which means simply that I love you. This phrase is special in any language and is no different in Spanish. Your spouse would love to hear this word frequently in any language possible.

Simply think of the phrase ‘a rose is just as sweet by any other name’ and then think of how romantic and exotic a rose would sound when pronounced as ‘Rosa’ in Spanish. This has the effect of using romantic Spanish phrases to convey your emotions in a more passionate and exotic manner.

Terms of Endearment for your Loved Ones

A simple way to make your spouse feel wanted is to tell them that you want to be with him or her forever. The sweetest and most romantic Spanish phrase for this expression is ‘Quiero estar contigo para siempre’. Your spouse will surely know that you want to be with them forever and that you mean to stick it out in a relationship for the long-term.

If you’re a non-native Spanish speaker then you can use the romantic Spanish phrases to improve your language skills. Additionally, you can impress your beloved or your loved ones in the family by complimenting them in Spanish. No matter what you say it simply sounds more exotic in a foreign language and will surely make the day of the person you address.

If you’re missing a dear friend then the affectionate Spanish phrase to tell them just that is ‘Te extrano’ which means I miss you in English. Why not convey your affection to a dear one in a very sweet and romantic manner?

For someone you care deeply and passionately for, you can address the feeling by telling them that you are crazy about them by using the Spanish romantic phrase ‘Estoy loco por ti’. This will be an easy way to tell the person that you have totally let go of any cautions and your love for them is completely uncontrollable and consuming.

Making Good Use of Romantic Spanish Phrases

How about starting your daughter’s day off by complimenting her on her smile? No child can forget when a mother gently tells her ‘Tu sonrisa es bonita’ which translates into you have a beautiful smile! See her beam throughout the day over being told indirectly that she’s a wonderful person. Complementing a person’s smile goes beyond a physical description of beauty and speaks more of a person’s personality.

For the basic Spanish phrases you can often address your children or loved ones as my love in Spanish by saying ‘amor mio’ or perhaps tell your loved one that you been thinking about them by saying ‘He estado pensando en ti’ in Spanish. If you feel lucky to know someone then you can tell them that with ‘Soy muy afortunado(a) de conocerte’ let them know how you feel. If you like someone a lot let them know by saying ‘Me gustas mucho’. For your sweetheart you can have a Spanish translation for the same word by using the term ‘amado‘.

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