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Want to learn more about Rota, Spain? Read on for facts and info on the historical Spanish city of Rota…

Rota is the name of a Spanish town that is located in the Andalusia region. It is currently home to more than 27,000 people and falls within the province of Cadiz situated right across the Bay of Cadiz.  The Spanish towns of El Puerto de Santa Maria, Chiona and Sanuar de Barrameda can be found on either sides of Rota.

History of Rota

Situated midway between Gibraltar and Portugal on the Atlantic coast this town has experienced human colonization since the Bronze Age. Rota, as it is today was founded by the Phoenicians during the time when they discovered Cadiz. Historians believe that Rota is the same town that was referred to as Astaroth during the time of the Tartesian Empire. Later in the course of history the town was annexed by the Roman Empire who referred to it as the Speculum Rotae.

As the Moors established their rule in Spain this historic town came to be known as Rabita Rutta which translates as the watchtower of Rota and it is from this name that the town gets its current name. Following the 1248 expulsion of the Moors from Rota and the rest of Spain, the local population also changed and a new group of Christian immigrants now inhabited the region.

Later in the course of time the town was presented as a gift to people of high nobility more than a few times. Rota is also famous for housing the castle of the moon, which is a grand architectural structure erected back in 1295. The purpose the castle served was to fortify the town on its Mediterranean Sea front. Rota also served as an important trading port with North Africa during the Middle Ages.

Economy of Rota

Today this historic town is regarded as a resort town which houses more than eight high-class hotels. It is a favorite tourist destination especially during the summer season when people from all over Europe flock to the town. In that regards tourism is one of the major economic activities of the region. During the off-season however the town depends on the fishing industry as its main revenue earning sector.

The Spanish in joint effort with the United States have constructed a naval base in the town. The Rota Naval base was set up in 1955. The development of this naval base has had a profound impact on the economy of the town. In fact it is estimated that 80% of the region’s economy is either directly or indirectly dependent upon this particular naval base. Along with this there are nearby vast expanses of fertile land that are used for agricultural purposes. Cotton happens to be the most widely cultivated crop of Rota.

Rota is also famous for its culinary delights. The town has a wide range of interesting items such as the traditional arranque which consists of chopped bread, green peppers, tomatoes, garlic and olive oil. Other prominent culinary delights from the region include Carcoles which are snails, tripe soup and gazpacho.


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