Spanish Fast Food

Interested in Spanish fast food? Spaniards like to eat fresh cooked food and rarely will you find Spanish fast food but there are a few delicious recipes ahead…

When you shop in Spain you would be hard-pressed to find Spanish fast food. While the world will offer you sandwiches and fried chicken and everything burgers, it’s difficult to find them in Spain. However, there is one popular fast food chain across Spain and technically Spaniards use the term fafu or comida rapida when describing other fast food joints across the world.

Lack of Spanish Fast Food

With so much of natural produce like healthy fruits and vegetables available in Spain you would be hard-pressed to find burgers and French fries. Even the fast food in Spain is very classy and may include a tossed salad of black olives, tomatoes and feta cheese along with grilled chunks of lamb.

For more succulent meat you can find breads made out of barley or whole wheat and stuffed with fresh baby spinach, chopped eggs, olives, sliced peppers and a little bit of meat to make it more satiating.

The Bocadillos and San Jacoba’s

The best known fast food in Spain is called the bocadillos which is a slim baguette on crusty bread. Other than that you can choose San Jacoba which is another favorite afternoon snack or tapa as it is called in Spain.

This can be prepared by putting a slice of delicious salty cheese between two pieces of meat and making a sandwich out of it then deep frying it. The heat makes the cheese melt inside while the outside is golden and crispy. It is enjoyed because it’s easy to make, economical and totally delicious.

Preparing a San Jacoba

Why not try a recipe for the San Jacoba at home? Get paper thin slices of turkey or chicken meat from the deli. Use Swiss for a delicious flavor. Make a sandwich by placing the cheese inside two slices of the meat. Beat one egg in a medium-sized dish and dilute it with 2 tablespoons of water. Mix a little flour and breadcrumbs in a separate dinner plate.

Next heat some oil in a frying pan to cover the bottom and when it is hot, sandwich the meat and cheese inside the bread and seal the edges with a little bit of water. Place this sandwich into the beaten egg to cover it on both sides.

Now gently dust both sides with the flour and bread crumb mixture. Fry the sandwich on both sides until golden brown and remove on paper towels to drain completely.
Different Options for Spanish Style Fast Food

You can create the Bocadillos by using thin and crusty baguaettes. Stuff them with boiled egg, baby spinach, olives, turkey meat or any other meat of your choice. Apart from this you can create a salad sandwich which is normally served as a fast food in Spain.

That will entail stuffing sliced pita bread with pickled peppers, shellfish and grated carrots and cabbage along with baby spinach. Drizzle a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top to make a delicious and healthy Spanish fast food treat.

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