Spanish Harlem Orchestra

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This young Orchestra was established in the year 2000 as the Spanish Harlem Orchestra. They have been become renowned in a very short time and have achieved the honor of establishing the benchmark for good quality Latin music around the world.

The Harlem Orchestra is directed by the world-renowned arranger, pianist as well as producer Oscar Hernández. The Orchestra in made up of a 13 member all-star ensemble. They achievements include reintroducing the classic sounds of the New York City Salsa to Latin music lovers across the world.

Albums by the Spanish Halrem Orchestra

They started by paying homage to the legacy of the home of mambo, known as the Manhattans Palladium Ballroom. That particular ballroom catered to mambo dancers in its choice of music.

Here dancers spend hours dancing to the tunes of three famous groups of Latin musicians who were Tito Rodriguez, Machito Announces, and Tito Puente.

Salsa lovers will be delighted with the different music available on the disc and the last number will truly surprise and delight musicians and music lovers alike.

In the middle of social despair this band of musicians has renewed hope and delighted the world with Caribbean and Latin music mixes.

They consider music and important part of the social fabric and have tried to make powerful music to share a common feeling with people around the world.

Their third album titled United We Swing is a step ahead of the previous 2004 Grammy award-winning music album. This was titled Across 110th St. in the year 2002 their album Un Gran Día En El Barrio was nominated for a Grammy.

Their success and talent is evident in that these all-star musicians have evolved in such a short span of time to reach such heights of popularity.

Roots of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra Music

Their main music is based on a mix of contemporary and classic Latin sounds, which have been combined with a delightful originality. The songs are original compositions by the group and really bring to the fore the unique identity of the Spanish Harlem Orchestra which reflects in turn the musical legacy of El Barrio.

El Barrio can best be explained as the driving community in East side New York which is located to the South of 125th St. This is the source of Latin soul, Salsa and Boogaloo, all music and dance styles which reflect the pulsating musical community.

Inspirations for the SHO

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra follows the heavy style of Salsa, which is also known as old school Salsa dura. This was the early music that grew out of New York. Most of the music was lost for a time and replaced by modern-day salsa.

However, the Spanish Harlem Orchestra members have revived it and are now trying to educate new generations. Music lovers and the youth will both benefit from going back to these musical roots of Spanish culture.

By translating the essence of this beautiful and pulsating music the spirit of Salsa and Latin music has been considerably revived.

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra Live Show

The Spanish Harlem Orchestra starts its live show horns that set the tone for a lively party. The upbeat sound includes an introduction of the band members during the opening number. A ballroom scene has listeners jumping up to dance in time to the vivacious and pulsating music that is playing.

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