Swiss Army Maverick

Want to buy a Swiss Army Maverick II watch? Looking for replacement battery or straps for your Swiss Army Maverick? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

The Swiss Army Maverick collection is probably one of the best classical timepieces made by Victorinox. Swiss Army Maverick’s conventional design is loved and followed by many. The Swiss Army Maverick collection can never be erased from time because of its all-classic features. Here is a list of the three well celebrated Swiss Army Maverick watches.

Swiss Army Maverick Chronograph for Men

The first type of Swiss Army Maverick watch has a white face with a blue bezel and is made with straps. Like any other original Swiss Army Maverick watch, this model has is made in Switzerland. The Swiss Army Maverick watch also has a precise quartz movement. The Swiss Army Maverick can be submerged to up to 350 feet in water. Amazingly, it has the features of other watches such as Sapphire glass, luminous hands, and a rust proof case back. Additional advantages if you buy the Swiss Army Maverick would include a unidirectional bezel, authentic rubber straps, a sheltered crown, a tachymeter scale, and a case width which measures 43mm.

Swiss Army Maverick II

The second type of Swiss Army Maverick is the one with a white face, orange bezel, and a bracelet style watch. This Swiss Army Maverick watch is also crafted in Switzerland with almost the same features as the other Swiss Army Maverick timepieces. Swiss Army Maverick has a precise and detailed analog movement with a 43 mm case width. The date appears at the “12″ digit. Swiss Army Maverick’s crown is protected and its hands are luminous which includes hour and bezel pointers. Its face is coated with an anti-reflective veneer and is made from scratch proof Sapphire glass. One qualifying factor would be its second time zone.  Truly, the Swiss Army Maverick wrist watch is not only worn for luxurious purposes but for practical means as well.

The third and last type of Swiss Army Maverick watch has a silver dial which is designed as a bracelet watch. This kind of Swiss Army Maverick also has a second time zone like the previous type of watch. It has the same properties as those of the other Swiss Army Maverick watches.

Swiss Army Maverick Replacement Battery

If it is Victorinox-made, it is sure to guarantee you with the best quality watches. With Swiss Army Maverick you need not worry about making your purchase because all their watches come with a warranty. Usually, you wouldn’t even need those assurance cards because the company only gives you the premium timepieces like the Swiss Army Maverick. Swiss Army Maverick watches will give you both the quality and the classical look as well.

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