Swedish Country Antiques

Swedish country antiques are becoming very popular in North America. If you want to know more about finding a Swedish country antique read our guide for more facts and information…

Since the attention of the majority of the population in North America has focused on Scandinavian folk art, Swedish antiques have become very popular when it comes to American interior design. Things like vintage tables, Mora clocks, sofas, mirrors, cabinets, and a whole lot more crafts coming from Sweden have become very popular in America to the extent that antique dealers find it hard to hold on to these items.

The most popular item when it comes to Swedish country antiques are the Mora clocks. Mora clocks are Swedish antique clocks that were made in the 18th to 19th century in the Mora municipality in Dalarna county, Sweden. These are tall case clocks that are shaped like the figure eight of a woman’s body.

There are two design principles that you can go with when it comes Swedish antiques. You can go for a Carl Larsson look or the Gustavian style. The Gustavian style requires a brightly lit room colored in whites and soft blue. The Larsson look needs you to be more colorful.

Where to find Swedish and Scandinavian folk arts

You can find Swedish country antiques and a lot of Scandinavian folk arts in online stores. They are actually selling like hotcakes,so you better hurry up and mark down your choice before it is too late.

Most of the time, the dealers will sell you these Swedish antiques in their original form, without any modification. However, these Scandinavian antiques can be delicate at times and will require a little restorative touch.

Most dealers will not post any prices on their sites for obvious reasons. It’s fine because you can email them and ask for the prices later on. You can buy them using your credit card, wire transfer, or even PayPal. Most vendors will ship the antique items to your home.

Buyer’s beware

It is not that trivial to buy Swedish country antiques or Scandinavian folk art. You need valid documents that are approved by the national museum. This is specially true for accessories and painted furniture. Sweden is all about protecting history and heritage, and it must be pointed out that some of these antique items are considered part of their heritage.
You have to realize that most mint condition Swedish antiques may not be allowed to go out of the country. The only way you can get very old items out of the country is one of two ways. Way number one, if the said antique item has been partially restored or is not in mint condition. Way number two, if the said antique item has a duplicate inside the country.

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