Swedish Gustavian Style Furniture

Less is more with the elegant and stylish Swedish Gustavian style furniture. No clutter, just classic Swedish furniture. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Gustavian style got its name from Sweden’s king Gustav III.  During his reign numerous palaces and country houses were built or refurbished in the Neo-classical style, either for himself or for members of his family and court.

Swedish furniture of the Gustavian style is reminiscent of the period’s solemnity with its subdued colors and paled hues.  This color palette attracts light and softens dark gloomy rooms. This fresh and typically Swedish style complements dark, hardwood floors, natural linen and antique woodworks.

Gustavian is probably the style most closely associated with the Swedish style today. Known for its clean, simple lines and a light color palette Gustavian furniture fits in with most interiors from the formal to the country home.

To achieve this, opt for traditional wooden furniture with curved-back chairs and tables with nicely curved legs.  Legs on case goods are delicate and tapered at the floor.  Simple light-stained wood or padded headboards are common on beds in Swedish style interiors. For a more modern look, you can choose furniture in natural wood finishes, or metal frames in chrome and neutral colors, with clean and smooth lines especially for tables and chairs.  These pieces of furniture give a classic touch of Swedish design with a modern twist.

Graceful Gustavian style furniture combined with pale hues of cream, white and gray gives a classic feel and elegant atmosphere.  Swedish style furniture maximizes space.

You can change your existing furniture and give it a touch of Gustavian style.  Get some sandpaper then clean and lightly sand the piece you want to restore. Apply one coat of grey-tinted wax to the drawer edges and sides, the doors and the surfaces of your piece. To tint the wax, add a hint of grey dye to a small amount of furniture wax. You can also add a little gold wax. The resulting golden-grey wax will enhance the vintage look of the patina finish. Remove the excess wax with a cloth, and let dry.

Whether you want to free your house of all the clutter or add a touch of class and elegance to your new home, classic and modern Swedish styles can give your home a beautiful make-over. The Scandinavian region consists of long winters and short daylight hours, naturally, Swedish interiors tend to create and attract light indoors.  Interior design combines light colors, uncluttered and practical furniture with simple but elegant decors.

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