Swedish Interior Decorating

Have you ever considered Swedish interior decorating for your own home? Learn Swedish design styles and home decoration techniques. Read our guide for more facts & information…

Whether you want to free your house of all the clutter or add a touch of class and elegance to your new home, classic and modern Swedish styles can give your home a beautiful make-over. The Scandinavian region consists of long winters and short daylight hours, naturally, Swedish interiors tend to create and attract light indoors.  Interior design combines light colors, uncluttered and practical furniture, simple but elegant decors.

For the walls, start with white, off-white or ash white.  These are the basic Swedish style colors.  Using any of these can add light and space in your interior.  To add accent, you can line the base of your walls with earth tones like – brown, red, taupe and beige. Imagine Swedish summer in creating your room.  Or you can use shades of blues and navy for accent in your decorations and think of Sweden in winter.  Wall windows should be uncluttered and simple.  Go for simple, wood shutters, wooden-slatted blinds, plain, cream, tab-top curtains, or white, floaty, voiles for an authentic Swedish style.

Wood floorings are classic interior decors. Use pine floorboards which you can wax or paint white or grey.  For a more modern look, laminated dark wood can do the trick. Other variations of wood floorings are birch, white pine, beech, and alder are readily available and common. Woods are often bleached or painted or stained with white or pale paints.   This can lessen your floor maintenance.  Swedish winters can be really cold so a comfortable floor rug will give your place a cozy feel.

To balance the light and seemingly dull colors, your choice of Swedish fabrics can create the mood, be it rustic, vintage, modern, or classic.  Choose designs with checks and stripes, nature-inspired prints, rustic-style florals and plaids. The play of colors will change the ambiance of your interiors.

When it comes down to furniture, early Swedish design is distinguished by the use of ‘Gustavian’ style.  To achieve this, opt for traditional wooden furniture with curved-back chairs, tables with nicely curved legs.  Legs on case goods are delicate and tapered at the floor.  Simple light-stained wood or padded headboards are common on beds in Swedish style interiors. For a more modern look, you can choose furniture in natural wood finishes, or metal frames in chrome and neutral colors, with clean and smooth lines especially for tables and chairs.  These pieces of furniture give a classic touch of Swedish design with modern twist.

Accessorize elegantly and sparingly.  Use Swedish landscapes for your artworks.  A classic piece is the ‘Dala’ carved wooden horse. Get some pottery on display which you can use occasionally.  Make sure your lighting is good enough to withstand the dark winter season.  Choose glass or crystal lighting or sleek chrome fittings.  A nice crystal chandelier is definitely a Swedish inspiration.

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