Swedish Leather Chairs

Swedish leather chairs are a luxury item that you must have to pamper yourself. Read our guide below for more facts and information on these grand chairs…

Swedish leather chairs are available all over the world and are globally in demand due to the excellent quality of leather and craftsmanship exhibited in these chairs. Their assortment of chairs includes orthopedic chairs, recliner chairs, massage chairs, sofas, club chairs, armchairs etc.

Swedish orthopedic leather chairs

These chairs are especially manufactured keeping in mind the orthopedic requirements of people suffering from back pain. These chairs are available in a wide variety of styles and patterns and have a varied budget too. Keeping in mind your needs and budget, you can buy a massage chair that suits all your requirements. These Swedish chairs offer the customers two types of massages: Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage. The high-end chairs offer a combination of both Swedish and Shiatsu massage in one chair.

Swedish massage leather chairs

This chair offers the user a relaxing massage similar to a Swedish massage with soft kneading actions all over the body and long but soft strokes. The experience on this chair is extremely soothing and relaxing with the entire body feeling invigorated and rejuvenated.

Shiatsu massage leather chairs

This chair offers to its user a massage experience similar to the oriental style of massaging. The functioning of the chair is such that it creates pressure points on the whole body that helps it relax and rejuvenate. The strokes are firm with special focus on the major pressure points by rolling/pressing action. To adjust the pressure exerted, there are controls given too so as to set the pressure according to the comfort zone of the user.

Lamino Swedish leather chair

The winner of the the Best Swedish Furniture Design of the Century in the year 1999 and I.M.M Cologne Award for best design in 2003, Lamino Swedish chair was designed by Yngve Ekström in the year 1965. The chair has won recognition and fame due to its classic cuts, simplistic designs and soft curves.

The chair is covered with sheepskin that is available in black, brown, sand, gray and white that looks elegant in contrast to the stunning wood of the chair. This magnificent chair promises the most luxurious comfort to its user. You may choose the wood of your preference and may take a pick from teak, cherry, oak and beech wood.

Listander Swedish leather chairs

Listander supplies Swedish furniture to UK and Ireland. It uses premium leather in its furniture that is manufactured by Scandinavian cowhides and is the costliest leather globally. The specialty of this leather is that it is the finest and softest leather available to date.

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