New York Defective Drug Lawyers

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When a treatment designed to heal one harms one instead, the results can be tragic and the causes can be difficult to determine. This is especially true when sophisticated medications are involved. Two common causes for such an injury are an inherently defective drug or an improperly filled prescription. Sometimes even distinguishing between those two unfortunately prevalent occurrences can prove difficult. You will likely need to contact an attorney who specializes in defective drug cases.

Inherent Defects in Drugs

In our age pharmaceutical companies are under intense pressure to make enough money to pay for admittedly expensive research initiatives designed to find new medications to combat serious ailments such as cancer, heart disease and dementia. As well, over-the-counter medications for not-so-serious conditions are continually being developed and marketed intensely. This has caused certain medications to be rushed to market before all their negative side effects have been discovered or acknowledged. Although this is understandable it is not excusable before the law.

Examples that have required the services of a defective drug attorney abound:

Arava®  used to treat arthritis is also suspected of causing serious liver damage.

Baycol® was approved for use in lowering cholesterol and reducing the risk of heart attacks. It is also thought to be behind a sometimes fatal muscle ailment known as rhabdomyolysis.

Celebrex® was a well-known prescription arthritis drug. Its use has been associated with an increase in the risk of heart attacks, strokes, blood clots, liver damage, kidney failure, high blood pressure, and sudden death.

The list goes on and on and continues to grow.

Errors in Prescribing Drugs

The number of and types of errors that occur in prescribing medications is truly alarming. The toll amounted to over 500,000 injuries and 100,000 deaths in just one year according one medical journal. Other sources estimate that about 1.5 million American each year fall victim to prescription drug errors. Everything from bad handwriting to poorly executed software has been blamed. The responsibility to check for potential errors and to correct errors in this activity still rests with medical and pharmaceutical personnel however.

Whom Do You Need to Consult?

These activities may have caused injury to you or the untimely death of a loved one. As the injured party you have the right to be compensated appropriately and you owe it to yourself to seek the best professional help available from a defective drug attorney who specializes in such cases. As you can well imagine the issues involved can be exceedingly complex. An attorney with a general practice or even a personal injury attorney may not provide the expertise that a defective drug attorney can provide to an injured party. The bottom line is that your lawyer should be experienced in filing lawsuits against negligent physicians, pharmacists and doctors and the manufactures of defective drugs.

Some may attribute a stigma to people who seek redress from companies or individuals who have caused injuries in the course of treating people for disease or creating drugs that are intended to treat disease. Yet the injured parties, have in many cases, had their lives ruined or lost loved ones due to corporate or individual negligence. It is only fair to hold these parties accountable and to seek from them justice and compensation.

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