Swedish Pine Wood Shelving Systems

Swedish pine wood shelving systems are legendary for their strength and durability. Read our guide below for more facts and information on pine wood shelves from Sweden…

The durability, strength and stability of Swedish pine wood shelving systems is unmatched. The shelving is easily expandable and is the perfect material for building shelves, racks, cabinets in the kitchen, laundry, pantry or any other suitable place in the house or office.

Advantages of Swedish pine wood shelving systems

Durability: Swedish pine wood shelving systems are sturdy, resilient and last for years. Furniture made with Swedish pine shelving is sure to be robust and stable for many years as this wood ages gracefully. If left unpainted, it becomes a golden shade after some time.

Strength: Swedish pine wood shelving systems are preferred for building furniture for their strength. Their potency is greatly responsible for making Swedish pine wood shelving systems commercially viable.

Stability: Furniture made of Swedish pine wood shelving systems is very stable and secure with minimal chances of toppling down. Once fit securely you can rest assured that it shall stay put.

Flexible: Swedish pine wood is very flexible and adaptable and can be moulded to make many types of furniture.

Simple to assemble: One of the best qualities of this furniture is that they are very simple to assemble and in most cases you could assemble the furniture without any assistance.

Smooth: This wood is very smooth and has a lovely finish that can easily be painted or left as it is in its natural state. The wood has a beautiful hue and turns golden if left bare.

Disadvantages of Swedish pine wood shelving systems

Though the pros of the Swedish pine wood easily outweigh the cons it would still be prudent to make yourself aware of the few disadvantages it may have.

Scratches: Unlike other wood, this wood tends to get scratched quite fast that may mar the look of your furniture and may require regular painting or re-coating.

Denting: This wood tends to dent sooner too and you have to adequately protect your furniture specially if shifting it within the house or relocating. Even minor hits can put impressions on the furniture marring its look.

Swedish pine wood shelving systems are ideal for creating modular structures and wall-to-wall units. It is the most versatile wood you can use for your home. If you intend to keep heavier loads on the shelves, you may supplement each row with steel rods and increase the load capacity per rack. You may have a look at some fantastic online shops for some great deals and patterns and what’s more, you can even get the piece of furniture customized to your personal requirements, be it the colour, size or pattern.

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