Swedish Wood Stoves

Swedish wood stoves portray an innovative design, suitable for installation in any part of the home and create quality and elegance in their atmosphere. Read our guide for more facts and information…

Wood stoves are popular in cold countries such as Sweden, America and Canada. They date back to the days of early man, who probably used wood and stones in making a pit to enclose flames. Besides providing warmth, wood stoves were primarily used for cooking. Since time immemorial a wood stove has been an essential part of any dwelling, a basic attempt to enable comfortable living.

The modern wood stove

With progressive thinking, wood stoves were designed to fit conveniently in living rooms, directing smoke upwards without scattering. In the eighteenth century, Germany produced wood stoves for distribution and it was the first to construct a modern wood stove. Benjamin Franklin added modifications using cast-iron and released the popular ‘Franklin Wood Stove’.

Popularity of the wood stove

During the 1970s, energy crisis caused an increase in the price of oil as well as electricity and wood was considered the economical alternative.  Consequently, wood stoves became popular, though smoke emitted from them posed a health hazard. The particulate matter created health problems in families, calling the need for further enhancement. Presently, innovations incorporating technology, particularly in Swedish wood stoves are safer and appealing. They include a catalytic combustor that ensures complete burning, preventing creosote deposit in the stove as well as the exhaust system. The technology has helped to a great extent in avoiding chimney fires caused by creosote deposits.

Wood stoves from Sweden

Swedish wood stoves suit contemporary interior design, giving a stylish look. They are available in a wide range of designs with long-lasting guarantee and economical fuel consumption. Many of them use wooden pellets which have minimum moisture, thereby allowing excellent combustion efficiency. The smoke is directed upwards ensuring a safe and clean interior, besides preventing smoke-related health problems. A fireplace that uses wood can also be converted to a wood stove using a fireplace insert, a self-contained unit which can be positioned inside the fireplace and chimney.

Further, certain stoves in Sweden are designed to rotate a complete 360 degrees, allowing maximum convenience. They may be positioned in the middle of the living room. Others with innovative and functional design can just stand free without the support of a wall. The fuel used is either hardwood or softwood, and biomass fuel derived from wood may also be used.

Nibe is the biggest maker of wood stoves in Sweden. It offers mirrored glass details allowing view of the flame in its luxury stoves. Carefully selected quality materials, good heating economy and excelling designs are characteristic of the Swedish Company.

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