Fine Swiss Cheese

Interested in Fine Swiss cheese? Want to know about the most famous types of fine Swiss cheese? Our guide to Fine Swiss cheese gives you the facts & information you want to know.

When people think of Fine Swiss cheese they automatically think of a white or light yellow cheese with holes in it or the famous music band.   However, there are many more kinds of Fine Swiss cheese available. Chances are that you have eaten one without even realizing it.  Following is a list of some of the best cheese being exported from the country of Switzerland.

Bunderkas:  Fine Swiss Cheese

This fine Swiss cheese is made from only the finest organic ingredients, thus earning it the reputation of being an, “ unobjectionable, healthy and natural product”.  This reputation is contrary to the story of the origin of this cheese.  It is said that it came from the devil.  According to legend a well dressed stranger with glowing eyes appeared to some people in a meadow. He asked them why they only used milk for drinking. The people then asked, “What else can milk be used for?”  The stranger then rolled up his sleeves and proceeded to show the townsfolk the process of making Bunderkas cheese. It was not until after the stranger left that the townspeople realized the kind stranger had been none other than the devil, himself.

Appenzeller: Fine Swiss Cheese

Strict quality control and a special herbal-brine treatment make this fine Swiss cheese a favorite.  Appenzeller is known for its mild but spicy flavor.  Between 68 – 86 liters of milk go into each loaf of cheese.   This fine Swiss cheese is a favorite of Germany.  Over 4000 tons of this cheese is exported to Germany annually.

Emmentaler: Fine Swiss Cheese

This is the original fine Swiss cheese. Emmentaler is the cheese with the mild, nutty flavor.  It is instantly recognized due to the naturally occurring holes found in the cheese. This is not only the original fine Swiss cheese, it is also the most popular. Over 45,000 tons of this cheese is produced each year. Legend has it that the cheese originated when a lonely man fell in love with a villager’s daughter. The girl’s father would not hear of marrying off  his daughter to the lonely man. One night, during a thunderstorm, a woodland spirit forced his way into the lonely man’s home. The spirit ate up the man’s dinner but left him a thank you gift–the recipe for Emmentaler cheese. The lonely man made the cheese and presented it as a gift to the girl’s father.  The father was so impressed that he immediately gave the man his daughter’s hand in marriage.

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