Antique China Cabinet

Interested in antique China cabinets? Find out what you need to know before you buy a vintage China cabinet in our information guide.

People of Chinese origin are known to possess great craftsmanship skills. This is more than evident in the art and architectural remains found from ancient Chinese civilization. Amongst the things that display the great artistry of the Chinese people are furniture items and more specifically China cabinets.

Many people have a profound love for antique Chinese cabinets. Luckily, interested individuals will be able to get their hands on unique original antique China cabinets in today’s time.

Some examples of the kind of antique China cabinets that you will be able to find today are as follows:

Antique China Cabinet – Carved Floral Garlands-Beveled Mirror

Made from top quality oak this is an excellent antique China cabinet which provides plenty of storage room. It has ample amount of storage space under the sideboards along with which it has additional shelves laid out in the overhead crystal cabinet. According to tradition this overhead cabinet is referred to as the Court Cupboard.

You will find the cupboard to be having two window paned beveled mirrors on its face which serve as the center door. The intricate carving of floral patterns on the doors adds to the aesthetic value of this antique China cabinet. The detailed carving is continued on the lower part of the cabinet as well. The carving seems to evolve and travel through the different portions of the China cabinet giving it that trademark Chinese feel.

The best thing about this antique Chinese cabinet is the fact that it offers you style along with practicality. The lower cupboard has deep shelves that allow you to store a great amount of serving dishes and other cutlery items. While the top hand with the glass panels allows you to artistically display some exquisite Chinaware or other decoration items.

Antique Walnut China Cabinet

This particular China cabinet stands out because of the use of simplistic lines and ingenuous designing. You can make use of this cabinet as a book shelf, a storage cabinet or even a vanity item display stand.

The China cabinet features a single large size glass door with surrounding decorated hardware. The bottom edge is scalloped and it has the trade mark turned legs in the front. The grooved lines on the surface of the three wooden shelves add to the aesthetic appeal of this timeless piece of Chinese furniture.

China Display Cabinet with Curved Glass

This China cabinet serves as an excellent way to showcase your collectable items whatever they may be. If its chinaware, then there is no better option than going for this classic China Display cabinet. Made out of oak this antique China cabinet has the chipped wood classic touch.

The use of the curved glass at the sides and front of the doors is what adds exclusiveness to this China cabinet. As beautiful as they look the curved glass needs to be handled with care as they can easily shatter. The cabinet also has traditional Chinese symbols like the lions head and feet intricately carved on to its surface.

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