Swiss Army Bicycle

Looking for a genuine condor Swiss Army Bicycle? Want to know about the history of the company, developments in Swiss Army bicycle design and the production process? Our guide gives you all that information and more facts.

The Swiss have set a remarkably high standard when it comes to practical and precision driven equipment. Amongst the things that have earned the Swiss this honor are the amazing Swiss army knives, the Swiss watches and of course the Swiss army bicycle. Known as the mean machine which gives you utmost precision on two wheels this bicycle has stood the test of time with only a few modifications to its design. Since its introduction into the Swiss army patrol in the early years of the 20th century the bike has only had three major revisions.

Bicycles have played a big role in the infantry over the years. The era in which the Swiss army bicycle was introduced was the prime time for using them to great effect. The British military had been foremost in setting that example. The Swiss army bicycle is an adaptation of the Raleigh DL-1 which was the bike the British had developed. The end of  War saw a decrease in the popularity of bicycles in the infantry due to the popularity of mechanized warfare. The Swiss on the other hand not only maintained the idea of using bicycles in the infantry rather they increased the introduction of the bikes. The year 1946 saw the first major transformation of the bike which resulted in a much better modernized and lighter model. After a long gap of about 50 years the bike was further revised in the year 1995.

Swiss Army Bicycle Accessories

The initial single speed bike was one that promised a balanced ride with a smooth road feel. This utility bike has now been geared up as a multiple speed commuter which provides the rider with a better ride on a countryside trek. Although the Swiss have tried hard to maintain the original look and identity of the bike the newer version can be rightly said to have been jazzed up to perfection. The condor as it was called now has a host of foreign components that give it the unique touch of stability and unparalleled durability when it comes to bicycles. This includes a seven speed drive train by Shimano which is the single most important added feature in the bike. The frame tubes are British Reynolds with a Netherlands leather spring saddle that gives the rider utmost comfort for longer distances and bumpy tracks. The Italian handle bar and stem along with the French Mavic rim make the Swiss army bicycle a sturdy and stylish 2 wheeler.

Condor Swiss Army Bicycles

These bikes are produced in Switzerland under the top quality bicycle manufacturer Condor SA. Although this particular company is better known for manufacturing professional racing bicycles it earned itself a reputable name by doing a good job on the Swiss army bicycles. Due to the fact that the Swiss have made sure that the quality of these bikes are maintained they have used the best materials from all over the world. The result is a bicycle that is as good as the Swiss army Knife and the hunter watch but is not very cheap to buy.

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