Swiss Divers Watches

Looking for an automatic Swiss divers watch? Want to know what companies make genuine Swiss divers watches? Our guide to Swiss diving watches gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Swiss diver’s watches are highly durable, accurate and reliable time telling machines. There are currently several companies producing genuine Swiss diver’s watches.

Swiss Divers Watches: Zodiac

One of the first companies to produce Swiss divers watches was Zodiac who first started producing them in the 1970’S. Their first model, known as the Sea Wolf soon became the official watch used by the US elite diving unit the Navy Seals.  The Sea Wolf’s most notable feature is it’s size, weighing a massive 200 grams, it was much heavier then most other wrist watches and probably not suitable to wear for daily use.

The bezel on this Swiss divers watch is shaped like a saw blade in order to provide a good drip even when you are wearing gloves underwater. This Swiss divers watch was quite an achievement at the time it was launched in that it was 1000 meters water resistant , although the vast majority of recreational divers would never go anywhere near this depth. The minute hand on this Swiss divers watch is deliberately oversized to make it easier to tell the time under water. Furthermore, all of the hands are lined with a reflective material called titium making them brighter under water and easier to tell the time.

Swiss Divers Watches: Tissot

Tissot is a well known maker of contemporary quality Swiss watches, including divers watches. Tissot have been producing watches since 1853 and have been active in designing some of the most innovative watches on the market over the decades.

Tissot manufacture a great assortment of various styles of sports watches that are of outstanding quality at relatively inexpensive prices. The Tissot PRS516 is a diving watch that costs considerably  less than many other Swiss watches despite being as well manufactured as any other sports watch in the same price range.

If you are looking for an excellent Swiss diver’s watch then the Diver Seastar is an appropriate choice for you. The Tissot Seastar is an automatic watch made with a very resistant steel case capable of resisting diving depths of 300 meters. This swiss divers watch has a unique feature in it’s domed glass case which causes the numbers on the face of the watch to appear bigger than they are, thus making time telling under water a breeze.


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