Swiss Army Tents

Looking for a Swiss army dome tent for your next camping & hiking trip? Want a Wenger Swiss army waterproof tent? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Camping outdoors can be a lot of fun especially if you are a nature lover and love to be one with it. However there are a few things that are very important on camping trips. The first and foremost of these things is a tent. Without an appropriate tent that gives you all the desired protection that you need, your camping trip can go from a great outdoor adventure to your worst nightmare. This is because you never know what kind of weather to expect out in the open and without adequate preparation a little rain could well soil your plans. When it comes to camping tents there is a wide variety of tents from different brands made available in the market but nothing compares to the good old Swiss army tent that’s for sure!

Swiss Army Dome Tents

The Swiss have made a reputable name for themselves when it comes to army & outdoor gear. Not only are they credited with producing some of the most practical and durable equipment, they are known for having a real high standard when it comes to building materials. The Swiss army knife and the Swiss watches are a prime example of the innovations and quality of Swiss army products. Rest assured the Swiss army tents are no less than the products mentioned above. In fact the tents are amongst those things that have given the Swiss further credibility when it comes to manufacturing good quality tactical army gear.

Wenger Swiss Army Tents

Just like the condor Swiss army bicycle and the world famous Swiss army knife the Swiss army tents were also made for military purposes. They were designed to provide their infantry with safe camping material which they needed in different locations. This is why you find these tents to be able to sustain all sorts of extreme weather conditions. No matter what the condition is on the outside you can rest assured that on the inside you will have a nicely regulated room-like atmosphere. Due to the nature of their use in the army these tents were required to be of very good quality so as to be able to sustain all the rough handling and extreme conditions. Slowly these tents found there way into the market and are now considered to be the best buy when it comes to camping tents. With a great increase in the demand for these products the Swiss army surplus began to be made accessible to the public. In this way the public could buy off second hand Swiss army tents at a considerably lower price than what they would have to pay if they were to buy a brand new tent. Secondly because these tents are of such high quality they are usually of very good condition even if they are slightly used.

Victorinox Swiss Army Tents

The original Swiss army companies realized the nature of the demand for Swiss army products and decided to capitalize on the situation by constructing Swiss army tents for the general public. These are modified to the camping needs of the people rather than the military use of the tents. In this way the public has benefited from being able to buy good quality Swiss army tents for their own use.

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