Swiss Army Vehicles

Want to know what type of vehicles the Swiss army uses and who makes them? Looking for used Swiss army vehicles for sale? Our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

When it comes to tactical army gear nothing compares to good old Swiss army gear. Switzerland is a country which prides itself on the standard that it is set when it comes to army gear. Back in the early years of the 20th century when bicycles were introduced into the infantry they produced one of the best bicycles of the day. When the era of mechanized warfare began they began to introduce high quality machines into their infantry. Although the Swiss army was one which retained the use of the bicycle the Swiss army vehicles were introduced for other purposes that required such mode of transport. It is no secret that the countries credited with producing some of the most famous military vehicles are Germany, Austria and Switzerland. From the time of WW II right up till today these countries are considered to have been the pioneers in military vehicles.

The Swiss however have a long list of army gear that they are famous for. This includes the good old Swiss army knife, the amazing Swiss watches and the condor bicycle. Over the years Switzerland has established it self as a nation that has top quality engineering facilities and are known to use the best possible materials for their equipment. Similarly when it comes to Swiss army vehicles these are as good as they come. Being the pioneers in the business they have managed to set a high standard that others still strive to achieve. Just like all the other Swiss army products these vehicles are designed around the principle of practicality.

Swiss Army Vehicle Types

When it comes to Swiss army vehicles there are two broad dimensions of practicality. One has to do with the purpose of the vehicle, for example is it a cargo carrier, weapons carrier or a soldier carrier. Both the interior and the exterior design of the vehicle are designed in relation to the purpose for which it will be used. Moreover the space division is something that is done according to the requirement of the vehicle. The second aspect deals with the running of the vehicle. Because these vehicles are intended to be used in the severest of conditions and the worst of tracks they have to be constructed in a manner that does not give way to abusive externalities. Under the hood of these vehicles are powerful power houses engineered to get the vehicle out of sticky situations. Moreover the building material used in the construction of the body is also made in a way that minimizes real damage to the people or goods inside and also the vehicle it self.

Used Swiss Army Vehicles For Sale

One of the things that you should expect from Swiss army vehicles is that they don’t come cheap. Given the high standard of quality that they are giving you and the fact that these machines are fit to survive a lifetime it is still pretty much a worth while investment. There is however a way to get them at a relatively cheaper rate and that is by purchasing used vehicles from the Swiss army surplus.

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