Swiss Army Watch Bands

Looking for replacement Swiss army watch bands? Perhaps you want steel Swiss army watch bands or bands for a ladies watch? Whatever it is, our guide gives you the facts & information you want to know.

Replacement Swiss Army Watch Bands

Acquiring a Swiss Army watch is in itself practically a Herculean task with the available variety of watches. Undoubtedly they come with their original watch straps or bands and are guaranteed for quite a long period. But mishaps do happen and the watch bands get damaged or in course of time they wear out and a replacement becomes necessary. The job of finding one is very easy if the replacement is going to be the same as the original, but finding a replacement Swiss Army watch band may prove to be just as formidable if you want to go in for a band that is different from the original kind. Why so? Because there are more bands available than watches and you have to be sure of the kind that you require and the size.
Swiss Army Watch Band Types

One advantage that a genuine Swiss Army watch owner has is the presence of a five digit number of the particular watch that he/she has. A simple hunt using this number, either through the Internet or through a catalogue, will give you the watch and “all” the watch bands or bracelets that are available. These hunts or searches are basically made using three parameters; the material, the color and the size. The choices, of course, are as various as the material that they come in. Made from steel, leather, rubber, titanium, croco, alligator, Louisiana alligator, lizard, python, ostrich, stingray or PVD, these options are compounded by the assortment of plain and exotic colors that they come in – as many as 74. The color of the dial also has to be taken into consideration while a selection is made.

Assuming that you have a Victorinox or a Wenger Swiss Army watch, the selection of a Swiss Army watch band narrows down considerably as the best replacement would be an original Victorinox or a Wenger one. On the other hand, as stated above, in case you opt  to go in for another brand; in addition to the diversity of materials that govern your choice, the multiplicity of brands that are available add complexity to the spread of alternatives.

And, to add a personalized touch to the acquisition, you can even get a tailor made inscription engraved on the watch band, here again in a wide array of “fonts” ranging from the simple “Arial” to the stylish “Gothic” to the alien “Chiller” (if you like the macabre) and the even more exotic “Circle Monogram” or the “Interlocking Script”. You can even get it done in Greek which most probably only you will understand and will remain “Greek and Latin” to the others.

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