French Manicure Designs

Have you always been fascinated by the models carrying French manicure designs in magazines? Are you interested in getting a French manicure design for your nails? Read our guide on how to get the perfect French manicure design look at home…

French manicure designs are the most happening fashion trends in the beauty and fashion industry. Even though it is normal for fashion trends to change every season the one style that has stayed steadfast is the French manicure. This style took the fashion industry by storm a few years ago and has been popular since the first model walked out with her nails done in this style.

A French manicure is perfect for the professional or party look. The traditional French manicure design is the pink nail roots with the characteristic white tips. But like all other trends people are experimenting with the French manicure as well and in recent years several variations of this design have been seen. It is not unusual to see brides and prom queens alike sporting French manicure designs.

It is now common for ladies to experiment with different colors so even though the nail roots are still kept pink the tips don’t necessarily have to be white. The most popular colors for the tips include red, a different shade of pink, usually darker or even black since black nail tips are the in thing these days. French manicure designs are particularly popular among brides to be. They look elegant and sophisticated at the same time. The look is perfect for a bride which is eye catching without being to flashy.

Some of the other popular trends in French manicure designs include the reverse manicure, the diagonal and the marbled. In the reverse manicure there is shift from the traditional pink nail base and white tips design. The reverse French manicure design involves coating your nails in an opaque shade such as white which would normally just be used on the tips. Allow this layer of nail color to dry before moving on to the next step. Use a half moon shaped nail tip guide. These are available from various companies- one such company is Orly. Now use a darker color such as red or black or even blue, you can also use a shimmering shade like gold or silver for an evening look and paint the tips with this darker color. Finally add a coat of seal to complete your manicure.

The diagonal is another French manicure design that has garnered much attention recently. It is very easy to do and yet looks fabulous. All you will need is a strip of tape to create a diagonal line. The area above the line will be the tip while the one below the line will be the base. Essentially you are shifting from the horizontal divide of the traditional French manicure design. The colors used in this design are the traditional lily whites and clean pink or sheer beige.

The Marbled French manicure design is the most creative of all and usually it is best to go to the salon to get it done since it requires quite a bit of skill. This French manicure design incorporates the use of three colors instead of two it is best to choose striking contrasts such as blue, sparkling silver  with white or red pink and yellow. Start by applying dots of one color on your nail, follow with the second and third color, make sure that the nail polish doesn’t dry so you will have to work very quickly but you also need to be careful and not let the polish spread on the rest of the nail if it does use a non acetone remover to clean the area with the spread. Finally use a long striper brush dragging it gently to create soft swirls giving your nails the marble effect.

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