Swiss Backpacks

Looking for a Swiss Army backpack? Want to know about the different types of backpack wit hthe Swiss Army brand and what is best for you? Our guide gives you facts & information you want to know.

The famous makers of the Swiss Army knife, Victorinox and Wegner have diversified in recent years to include several consumer products in their range. They’ve stopped on concentrating on making Swiss Army knives and pursued several branches of business like watches, clothing and bags. For many years now, they have dedicated a portion of their company to making bags. They have made travel luggage, duffel bags, laptop bags and backpacks. Their backpacks come in good designs and are built for several specific purposes such as everyday backpacks and heavy duty backpacks.

Swiss Army Backpack Makers

Victorinox and Wegner are companies that are known for high standards of quality. As companies that have already proven themselves to outdoor enthusiasts through their legendary Swiss army knife, it is befitting that the Swis army brand should be carried over to another essential of outdoor life; the backpack. These two companies understand the purpose and function of a good backpack.

Swiss Army Soho Backpack

This Swiss army backpack is ideal for school students and general everyday use. Aside from its sturdy polyester construction, it sports a sophisticated airflow system with extra padding to prevent fatigue in the back.  This Swiss army backpack has several internal mesh pockets which help you compartmentalize your belongings for easy access.  The shoulder straps are are ergonomically designed for maximum confort.

Because backpacks are made to carry heavy loads they should be very durable and of good standards and quality. It should not let its owner down by zippers suddenly bursting open or shoulder straps suddenly ripping off. You need a bag that can serve and survive its purpose. Just like the Swiss Army knives, Swiss Army backpacks are built for strength and resilience. You can expect that Swiss Army backpacks have passed through several quality control tests before they are sold to the public. You can expect their backpacks to be designed beautifully and in such a way that lessens your back pains when you carry a heavy backpack. You can expect that your Swiss Army backpack won’t suddenly self destruct under heavy pressure and heavy use. But that is not the only use of the Swiss Army backpack, the companies also design lighter backpacks for everyday use. Even if they are for everyday use, you can still expect the same durability as with the heavy duty backpacks because that is the only way Swiss Army backpacks are supposed to be, durable and long lasting.

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