Swiss transport guide: Buses in Switzerland

Are you visiting Switzerland on holiday? Do you want to know how to travel on the Swiss buses? We’ve provided some useful tips and information on buses in Switzerland

Switzerland has one of the most efficient and well integrated public transport systems in the World. This can be seen in the complementary relationship that exists between Buses and trains in Switzerland. Buses in Switzerland are used to access those remote areas of the country that are inaccessible by train. While all major towns in Switzerland have train stations, the majority of villages and hamlets in Switzerland can be reached via a bus route. This is because buses in Switzerland are better suited to cope with the difficult mountainous terrain in which many of Switzerland’s villages are located. Swiss travel passes are valid for travel both on trains and buses in Switzerland.

Bus stops in Switzerland

Bus stops in Switzerland can be found outside every major Train station and the timetables of both trains and buses have been designed so that they integrate, enabling passengers arriving off trains to make connecting journeys on the buses. Bus timetables are also displayed at bus stops in Switzerland

Post buses in Switzerland

Long distance bus journeys in Switzerland are serviced by what is known as post buses. One advantage of these large yellow post buses is that passengers go through areas of Switzerland that the majority of tourists never see. Particularly busy post bus routes may need to be pre booked at least a day in advance to ensure space on the bus, although this depends partly on seasonal factors. One useful facility offered on post bus services in Switzerland is the option of sending ahead unaccompanied luggage for a fixed fee per item. A ticket is issued and the luggage can be collected from a post office at the other end.

Bus passes in Switzerland

Switzerland offers a multitude of different options regarding travel passes, each with their own special discounts and advantages. The most suitable travel pass depends on the amount and type of travel one is likely to do while in Switzerland, so it is worth reading up on the different types of travel passes. A Swiss pass allows discounted travel on both trains and buses which are the two main modes of public transport in Switzerland.

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