Switzerland Car Rental Tips

Are you looking for advice on renting a car in Switzerland? Here we’ve put together a guide to car rental in Switzerland including useful tips and information on how to rent the best car for you in Switzerland.

In order to rent a car in Switzerland one must usually be 21 years old although depending on the car rental company this age can sometimes be lower or higher. It has been known for some of the smaller local car rental companies in Switzerland to rent cars to customers as young as 20, while other companies restrict car rental to persons over the age of 25. Persons wishing to rent a car in Switzerland are required by law to possess a valid international, EU or UK driving license which should have been issued at least one year prior to the car rental application in Switzerland.

Where to rent your car from in Switzerland

There are generally two different types of Car rental outfits operating in Switzerland. Firstly, all major international car hire companies have a presence in Switzerland with offices in all major towns, airports and even several smaller sized towns in Switzerland. Good deals can be obtained from these international car hire companies in Switzerland especially when booked well in advance of travel or as part of a complete travel package. Alternatively one can arrange to rent a car from one of these outlets upon arrival in Switzerland.

Local car rental companies in Switzerland

Cheaper deals may be found with smaller locally owned and operated car hire firms operating in Switzerland. These car rental agencies operate out of most towns in Switzerland and can be found either through the Swiss yellow pages or by asking at a petrol station in town. The cars available for rental are generally roadworthy and of sound quality.

Car rental prices in Switzerland

Car rental prices in Switzerland vary according to a variety of factors. Car model, age and season all play a role in determining the price of renting a car in Switzerland. Prices for renting a car are obviously higher during the peak season when most tourists come to Switzerland. Generally car hire in Switzerland is really quite expensive, and given that the bus and train networks in Switzerland is are comprehensive, Car hire should only be considered as an option if absolutely necessary or if you have no budgetary constraints.

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