Big Bear Snow Conditions

The snow conditions at Big Bear are kept updated and posted regularly. If you need to find out about the snow at Big Bear then read our guide for more facts and information…

When the snow conditions are right at Big Bear the skiing is awesome! At these times the surface is usually about a medium packed powder. It is the ice you want to watch for.

Snowshoeing In The Big Bear Snow

If you like feeling as though you are an old fur trapper hiking across the tundra then you can experience that right here are Big Bear. The snowshoes of today are much more modern and sleek as well as comfortable. Snowshoeing is great exercise for anyone who loves the outdoors and staying fit.

You can rent snowshoes in order to check it out and see if it is for you. If you are already hooked then owning your own pair is great. Aside from your shoes you really have no other required gear other than what will keep you safe from the elements.

It is always a wise choice to take along some ski poles whenever you are out snowshoeing. They are a lot of help for keeping your balance as you navigate the deep snow. It takes some adjusting to get used to walking on the top of the Big Bear snow.

Big Bear features many excellent trails and popular places to go snowshoeing. You can inquire at the Discovery Center about the best places on any particular day. For those who love a challenge try out Bertha’s peak. If you like playing it safe then stick to the 2N09 running into the Holcomb Valley.

Planning Your Activities For The Big Bear Snow

When you plan out your skiing or snowshoeing activities you want to be able to get up-to-date forecasts about the snow. Resorts like Sleepy Forest Resorts are known for their excellent forecasts that keep skiers, snow-boarders, and snow-shoe enthusiasts on top of the weather conditions.

At Big Bear Resorts you can get lift tickets for both Bear Mountain and Snow Summit. They offer a free shuttle service so you can park and then ride back and forth to both mountains. The shuttles come and go every 30 minutes. The trip is only 10 minutes between resorts.

If you happen to be new to skiing or snowboarding then Big Bear Resorts offers you lessons. Anyone of any age from beginner to expert can have a certified instructor to guide them through the whole learning process.

Additional Snow Condition Reports

Another very convenient service offered by Big Bear Resorts is the updated reports about the snow conditions through your mobile service. You can have immediate updates about Bear Mountain and Snow Summit either automatically or on request.

This service is FREE of charge but your carrier might add a charge for the text messages your send and receive. You will need to check with your provider to get your specific details. Your phone needs to be 2-way text enables and have a compatible carrier and plan. You may opt out of this any time you like by replying to any message with the word STOP.

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