Swedish Moccasin Slippers

Swedish moccasin slippers are a true Swedish traditional accessory for babies and small children. Read our guide below for more facts and information on moccasin slippers from Sweden…

The original moccasin was created in 1950 by Nova Li. The best part about these lovely moccasin slippers is that they are extremely soft and comfortable to wear keeping your child’s feet cozy all the time. They are like a sock, shoe and slipper in one product. For complete protection, they are anti-slip and have an elastic band on the top to prevent their coming off easily. It is a known fact that kids have the knack of kicking off their socks and shoes at the slightest provocation, but with Swedish moccasin slippers you can be assured it would not be so easy.

Advantages of Swedish moccasin slippers

Swedish moccasin slippers are created keeping in mind the requirements of babies and small children. The first concern is to keep the child’s foot warm and cozy. Moccasin slippers are made by using cotton, polyamide and lycra. Thus they are warm and comfortable for the child.

The second concern for every mother is that the child does not slip or fall and hurt themselves which they would if they are wearing socks. Swedish moccasin slippers are an amalgam of a shoe-sock-slipper, thus while keeping the foot as comfortable as it would be in a sock, it provides the sturdiness of a shoe and does not let the child slip.

The third concern is that the footwear stays in place rather than coming back home with one sock or one shoe. Moccasin slippers have double elastic on the top that stays put on the ankles and is next to impossible to just slip off or be kicked off by the child. Also most moccasins go well above the ankles for better support. Rest assured that you shall come back home with both feet of your baby covered.

Maintenance of Swedish moccasin slippers

Swedish moccasin slippers are extremely low-maintenance and can be washed in your washing machine. As they are made of cotton, lycra and polyamide fibers, the moccasins do not lose their shape with usage too. You would not have any complaint of the fabric pilling. The shoes have soft flexible leather soles that give good support to the foot while walking. The moccasin slippers are spacious and allow lots of free movement to the foot without making the child feel restless or uneasy. Also their shape is such that the normal muscular development of the child is not affected at all.

Age groups and patterns

You may get Swedish moccasin slippers for infants and kids till the age of 3 years. They are available in beautiful prints and patterns with lots of bright colors for both girls and boys.

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