Annual Festivals in Northern Thailand

Are you going on holiday to the north of Thailand? Perhaps your vacation coincides with one of the many annual festivals in northern Thailand. Below we’ve listed the main celebrations held in northern Thailand.

Songkran: This is the most famous festival in Thailand and is celebrated across the country. Songkran is celbrated on the first day of the Lanna Thai New Year. Depending on where in Thailand you are the length of celebrations varies, but if you’re in Chiang Mai celebrations are the best and go on for 10 days.  April 13th is the first day of Songkran water festival in Thailand.

Harvest festival: This festival is celebrated in Chiang Rai and Kho Loi Park and is dedicated to the harvest of Litchis which form a basis of the local economy. There are competitions, displays and a parade in the streets. The harvest festival takes place some time during mid May.

Summer festivals in Northern Thailand

Longhan fair: This festival takes place yearly in the northern town of Lamphun and is dedicated to the Longan fruit which is grown locally. This festival is usually celebrated on the first or second weekend of August.

Autumn Festivals in Northern Thailand

Lanna boat races: This interesting and fun celebration takes place yearly in the northern Nan province. The festivities last two days and the highlights are a series of races on the Nan River involving traditional long boats that are colourfully decorated. These boat races mark the beginning of the dry season after the monsoon rains.

Loy Krathong: This festival is celebrated on the full moon during the 12th lunar month of the year. All over Thailand people release small banana leaf boats loaded with lit candles into rivers and the sea. This is meant to was away the sins and bad deds of the previous year.

Winter Festivals in Northern Thailand

Umbrella Festival: This small festival is held in the village of Bo Soy where most of the inhabitants work as makers of traditional umbrellas. Bo Boy is located 15km east of Chiang Mai.

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