Canada Goose Parka

Interested in purchasing a Canada Goose parka? Do you want to know about the different styles of parkas that Canada Goose offers? Read our guide for more facts and information…

Canada Goose is a Canadian based company, which focuses on producing apparel for extreme weather. Canada Goose parkas are only available from licensed retailers and it is recommended to check for the Canada Goose patch to ensure authenticity.  The parkas produced by Canada Goose are used throughout the world by Hollywood film crews, scientists and everyday global citizens.


Every parka designed by Canada Goose has the same basic elements that are then altered to create unique styles. The parka in its simplest form is a heavy jacket equipped with a hood. The hood is often lined with real or fake fur for additional protection from the extreme weather. The design of a parka excels at protecting from wind as well as freezing temperatures. Canada Goose parkas use down insulation to offer the best protection possible.

Every parka produced by Canada Goose has four layers. The outermost layer is an outer shell that is treated to be water repellent. Under this layer the parka has a down proof containment lining. The parka is then filled with premium down and the innermost layer is a second down-proof nylon lining.


Every parka constructed by Canada Goose may have the same basic design; however, the company also offers varying styles. The styles offer varying lengths and features as well as different colours. Canada Goose offers parkas for both men and women as well as youth. The different styles range in price according to design. For men Canada Goose offers parkas in the styles of Chilliwack, Yorkville, Ontario, Heli-Arctic, Expedition, Constable, and Sergeant. Women on the other hand have the choice of the Kensington, Chilliwack, Expedition, Solstice, Solaris, Mystique, Trillium, and Resolute styles. Finally, Canada Goose offers the choice between Chilliwack and Expedition for youth. Each style offers unique features such as additional pockets or drawstrings. The unique styles offered by Canada Goose vary in price; however, the variety allows any individual to find a parka right for them.


All of the parkas produced by Canada Goose are high quality products and the company offers a strong warranty to support their name. The warranty on Canada Goose parkas is available through the licensed retailer that the parka was purchased from. Canada Goose parkas are supported by a warranty; however, it is important to care for the parka properly. Canada Goose recommends cleaning any parka through dry cleaning in order to preserve the structure of the jacket and the company reserves the right to void the warranty if a parka is machine washed. The warranty provided by Canada Goose does not extend to natural wear and tear as well as accidents that may damage the jacket. Canada Goose will, however, repair the parka for a reasonable charge.

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